Achieving Natural Style. A Mini Masterclass with Melanie Ewing.

September 28, 2023

Natural Style is more a way of life than a style. It is a conscious choice. It is purposefully stress busting and intentionally designed to embrace our mindful place on the planet and invoke feelings of connection, warmth and relaxation. A naturally styled home is a haven of sanity in a mad world. Your little sanctuary of calm.

No easier way to create a connection to nature in your home than building and decorating with natural or nature-inspired materials. Wood, stone, and natural woven textiles like linen, jute and wool infuse a room with organic texture and a natural warmth unmatched by synthetics like plastic. Layer raw and natural fibre textiles and textures to warm up rooms and make them feel lived in. Rugs that are soft underfoot, pillows to sink into, hand-knitted throws to wrap around you, linen or cotton duvets that are soft and luxurious - these are details that are worth investing in for a naturally happy, lived-in, beautiful home. 

Here are some thought starters to help you creatively connect with the calming restorative properties of the outdoors:
Make the most of your view when it comes to the size of your windows and the positioning of furniture.
Natural light, masses of it.
Weave in greenery, with houseplants; line up a set of potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill.
Wood on the wall, not just the floor. Go even further with wood on the ceiling.
Add natural fragrance with room diffusers.

Natural style is a relaxed (but oh so chic) look for interior spaces. When done right, it’s versatile, calming and will never get tired. If they’re organic to the touch – wooden or woven or hand carved or hand-loomed, your décor elements will create a unique warmth and a cozy cocoon. You’ve got so many wonderful surfaces to consider, each with the opportunity to infuse your home with all things natural that carry the patterns and textures of nature: like nature-themed porcelain tiles (more sustainable and waterwise than the real thing) with their remastering of wood and stone, and patterned mosaic tiles that find their references in botanical and floral motifs.

Many looks fall under the Natural Style banner, including Cottagecore with its farmhouse charm, Rustic with its raw finishes, Coastal with its weather-worn beach house aesthetic, Scandinavian or Scandi with its soothing, organic coolth. All conjure their deep magic that brings about a sense of contentment, wellness and well-being.

That magic is ascribed to the philosophy of Biophilic Design, that centres on masses of research that proves the theory that the great indoors should mimic the great outdoors to improve the quality of our lives.

The Natural Palette. There is a literal ton of colour inspiration in nature, from the lush green of forests, to vibrant citrussy tones, to the flame orange of rocky and sandy deserts, to the dazzling variety of blues and the gold and red browns of autumn leaves. Then there are the softer, subtler shades of mushroom, warmer earth tones, sea sand, terracotta, snow white, soft herby grey-greens. Take a walk in nature for inspiration. But how to combine your favourite hues? We always recommend you use a set of harmonising neutral base tones, either warm or cool, and then once you’re created your canvas (floor tiles, wall tiles) pick your highlights (pops of harmonising colour in accessories, soft furnishings, mosaics and patterned tiles).

Natural Finishes. Every kind of stone look, every kind of wood look. Woven materials like jute, coir, bamboo and raffia. Cork. Leather. Pure wool, raw linen, silk and cotton. Found objects from nature, like an old tree stump turned into a table base, or driftwood, shells, pebbles and sea glass as featured ornaments. And plants. Lots and lots of plants.

Natural Layout. Clean and spacious, to allow air flow. Embrace imperfection, and everything curvy, rounded, irregular, with organic forms. Keep your colour choices muted, i.e. keep away from pure pigments. For example, shy away if possible from pure blazing red. Rather use a tint (like soft pink which is created by adding white to red) or a shade (like burgundy, which is red darkened with black). Let’s have a few words about garden layout (if you’re fortunate to have an outside area). Consider adjusting your trad lawn and flower beds into what’s being termed a tapestry lawn, a sustainable trend which is, in essence, a grass-free, waterwise and pollinator-friendly layout with a ‘wilderness’ feel, with random, low-growing indigenous plantings. If you prefer something a bit more formal, you could add pavers laid in a checkerboard pattern in between your plantings. Italtile offers a superb range of 2cm Pavers. Then, of course, for those who’ve really been bitten by the Biophilic bug, how about transforming your chlorinated pool into a natural swimming pond.

Italtile’s Natural Starter Pack. When it comes to tiles, literally any of Italtile’s vast collections of wood looks tiles and stone looks. Then for Biophilic appeal, we suggest you take a loving look at our exclusive range of Ceramica Sant’Agostino Wallpaper Print Tiles. Very beautiful, very on trend, with their exquisite floral and botanical motifs. Jardin 01 and Jardin 02 are evocations of tropical fronds, while Jardin 08 is a romantic meadow floral with duck egg blues and warm honey caramels. All three are super-sustainable, carrying both Sant’Agostino’s EcoQuality certifications and Italtile’s LiveGreen label. Then you might consider enhancing the Natural Style of your bathroom sanctuary with the organic fluidity of our exclusive Palomba range from the LAUFEN MasterCraft Collection. This designer range has been conceptualised by award-winning Italian duo Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and hand-finished in Saphirkeramik by LAUFEN. High design, high tech materials and processes, along with exceptional craftsmanship make the curated pieces from the Palomba range proud centrepieces in our LAUFEN MasterCraft Collection.

Natural Style may seem like an absolute cinch, but experience has taught us that it takes careful curation and a knowledgeable eye. Always chat to one of our interior design-certified consultants instore before making a serious investment in Italtile style.

We’re here to help you Live Beautifully.