Italtile Tile Suppliers.

November 28, 2023


Beneath the glimmering surfaces of our gorgeous tiles there lie tales worth telling.  Here are the stories of some of our top tier porcelain tiles and their makers, who, after decades of partnership, we are privileged to call our dear friends.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino. When tradition and innovation meet sorcery. Meet Italy’s tile magicians, who, since 1964, have purposely set themselves apart from the rank and file, in an area of Ferrara, a region geographically distant from all the other companies in the ceramic sector. It was autonomy they were after. Originality. The discernable difference. Always at the forefront with their bold strategic visions; exploring, adventuring, experimenting, inventing, forever finding ways to breathe life into their ideas, inspired by both feral and tamed habitats, to make the previously impossible possible.

“What if...” has always kickstarted the imagining of a new range. And then the adventure begins. The search for beauty, for natural elements, inspiration that speaks of nature, dreams, memory, material, the future. Then the interpretation begins, with the interrogation of essence, tone and texture. The journey of experimentation can take years. Each project is mapped out in the Sant’Agostino LAB: a space dedicated to experimentation. Here, aromatics, textures, natural elements, found objects, fabric swatches, sculptural shapes all mingle in huge moodboards. It is an art, as much as it is a science. And, we suspect, a certain measure of alchemy.

These Italian imagineers are traditionalists who pay homage to what’s been learned for generations, but they are also futurists who respect the passage of evolution, innovating with technology to find ways to take what is unique in nature and make it replicable, without losing the essence. Uncompromising in process and relentless in the search for the possible, Sant’Agostino have made an indelible impression on the surfaces world, the interior design landscape ... and our hearts. For half a century, we’ve had the privilege of bringing home exclusive Sant’Agostino ranges that are technologically brilliant, rigorously sustainable and pulse-racingly exquisite.

ColorArt speaks of recovered timber, carrying the memory of paint and fire. A pre-lived, pre-loved existence, with the soul of resilience. Fused into the designs are the basic elements of carbon and bone weathered by the desert sun, that create another mysterious layer to the ColorArt story. Explore our exclusive ColorArt Desert and ColorArt Carbon. 150 x 1200 mm matt glazed porcelain tiles.

Mystic. A bold new take on traditional marble. Inspired by the uneven lines drawn in nature: misty landscapes, dawn mountainscapes, roiling seascapes, cloud formations, all reimagined in a dreamworld that ventures into “beauty beyond nature”. With a technique called Krystal, or Kry, the tile maestros have taken a further step into impossibility, evoking the crystalline essence of precious gems, geodes and volcanic rock. The result is a marble-look collection with a gemstone shimmer. At an impressive 900 x 1800 mm, these large format slabs deliver dramatic scale and majesty, with very little repetition of pattern. Discover Mystic Pearl Gloss Krystal, Mystic Beige Gloss Krystal, Mystic Ivory Gloss Krystal and the high drama of Mystic Ocean Gloss Krystal. Pure, undiluted artistry.

Always the frontrunners at Cersaie, Sant’Agostino chose the world’s foremost surfaces exhibition as the 2022 launchpad for their fresh take on the then fledgling botanical wallpaper tile trend with their outsize biophilic beauties. 600 x 1200 mm Sable Jardin 01 and Sable Jardin 02 with their wild profusion of super-natural foliage. And 600 x 1200 mm Sunwood Jardin 08, a nostalgic country romance of abundant meadow blooms amidst a pin-spot pattern, against a serene duck egg blue.

OxidArt and DripArt. The crowd-wowers at Cersaie and the trendsetters of the Metallurgy Movement. Metal-look tiles are here, already taking centre stage in contemporary, urban and modernist spaces. OxidArt is a daring interpretation of steel grown beautiful with age – the transformation of sheet metal through weathering. OxidArt Black, deeply dramatic. And OxidArt Iron, a lighter corrosive tone poem. DripArt is an incredible remastering of tarnished copper – when saltwater and the elements eat away at copper – Sant’Agostino’s ‘LiquidGesture’ concept. In compellingly powerful DripArt Verdigris and DripArt Copper, a subtler evocation of this transformative phenomenon.

Atlas Concorde. The trailblazers of large-scale luxe since 1969. More art installations than tiles, the surface coverings of Atlas Concorde are designed to stun and amaze with the sheer size, scale and finish of their mighty slabs. Although strongly rooted in their founding values, the group are relentlessly future-facing. They launched their vision for the future –The New Tomorrow – at the 40th Cersaie expo in 2023. It’s a narration of a radical new phase of growth. An era of collaboration with like-minded visionaries Zaha Hadid Architects and Kartell, among others, along with the launch of their exciting new Velvetech, a unique semi-matt surface, and their new, hydrogen-ready Finale Emilia plant, purpose-built to be the powerhouse for the ultimate, eco-chic, supersize porcelain slabs.

Speaking of supersize ... Atlas Concorde’s search for the spectacular, and for full design freedom for indoor and outdoor tiles destined for all surfaces, has enabled the engineering of porcelain slabs of monumental proportions, from extra-large 1 200 x 1 200 mm to mind-blowingly gigantic 1 600 x 3 200 mm. The Finale Emilia plant will take supersize to the next level. These “titans” of the near future will reinvent the scale of beauty, versatility, strength and performance, with seamless visual continuity across massive spaces, maintaining what they call “the linearity of graphics”. 

Famous for massive marble looks, Atlas Concorde also make waves with impressive hewn stone looks, like our exclusive Aix. This is a homage to the warm-toned, weather-worn and time-stained stone of the ancient, picturesque farmhouses of Provence (Aix Blanc, Aix Beige) as well as the cooler-hued stone used in the construction of the old castles and mansions of northern Europe (Aix Cendre, Aix Fumée). Continuing the muscular stone theme, we’re proud to offer another Atlas Concorde exclusive – Klif – inspired by the jagged, rocky peaks of the Italian alps that fringe the Ossola Valley. Deep detail with high variance gives an exceptional, authentic finish.

Atlas Concorde has also ventured, with breathtaking results, into the world of remastered wood looks and our exclusive Exence range, with its beguiling honey tones, is a remarkable replication of rare Italian oak timber that carries the marks of artisanal carpentry.

Gryphon. Our Proudly South African Tile Pioneers. Part of the Ceramic Industries group of companies, Gryphon proves to us time and time again that a great deal of the most incredible porcelain tile creativity can be found right here, in the good old R of SA. During the hard lockdown times of COVID-19, when imports ground to a halt and container ships remained in foreign ports, we relied heavily on our local partners to supply us with high end porcelain tiles that offered global design with local appeal, at an attractive price point. And they keep on coming through for us. Gryphon, renowned locally for their pioneering work in the field of deep sustainability, continue to develop their world-leading green tech, which they term EcoTec.

It really doesn’t get much better, smarter, eco-friendlier or more gorgeous than the affordable luxe of our Gryphon ranges. True value for money, no matter which range you choose. Thinner, yet stronger, these ranges use less clay, which means less fuel need in the firing process, and lighter, to minimise wear on trucks and the fuel used in transit. Whichever style, colour or finish you choose, you have the guarantee that it’s green to the bone ... from the cement looks of Magnum Matt Glazed EcoTec, to the undeniable charm of patterned Retro Patchwork Matt Glazed EcoTec, to the bleached beach house vibes of Ampezzo Matt Glazed EcoTec, the stippled, sugary stone looks of Glacier Matt Glazed EcoTec or the fascinatingly marbled Kronos Matt Glazed EcoTec.

Our partnerships are a point of pride with us, chosen with care and nurtured over the years; we are punctilious about quality, value, green cred, aesthetics and durability, and we search for suppliers who share the same passions. It’s part and parcel of The Italtile Way, which we take very seriously in order to continue curating collections of porcelain tiles that offer our style-conscious customers the benefits of lasting, trend-busting beauty, low environmental impact and timeless sophistication, backed by impressive warranties. With us, each tile must be an investment piece, designed to offer years and years of Beautiful Living, or it’s not an Italtile tile. True story.