Completed Residential Projects | House Renzi.

February 13, 2024



When Loredana Renzi decided it was time to refresh and upgrade the interiors and exteriors of her family home, she reached out to Italtile Bryanston for assistance in bringing her moodboard to life with high-end porcelain tiles. Loredana’s dream was a contemporary French-Farmhouse-meets-Urban-Sophistication aesthetic, using natural cues and sustainable products.

Italtile Bryanston’s Edward Smith helped her weave a biophilic story of soft neutrals and nature-inspired textures with a thread of invigorating green that travels from the exterior to the interior. Edward layered wood looks and stone feels for a blend of cool and warm tones ... perfectly balanced, thanks to his product knowledge and interior design certification.

A statement stairway leading to the front door speaks of Loredana’s imaginative décor taste, with Edward’s suggestion of eco-chic ColorArt Carbon by Italian tile masters Sant’Agostino. This is a sustainably produced wood-look porcelain tile with a fascinatingly scorched and worn look. A tranquil fishpond on the top stair level was given fresh new life with a frame of exquisite Vogue Subway Tiles in richly lustrous jungle-green Esmeralda. (Vogue Esmeralda plays an important role as the chosen pop of colour throughout the renovation.)

The outdoor entertainment areas were elevated with Glamstone Grey INOUT, a sustainably manufactured Spanish tile with a uniquely smooth slip-resistant surface with terrazzo-style fragments: a contemporary urban take on a classic look. Vogue Esmeralda features again as a mini accent wall cladding the outdoor bar area.

The main bathroom is without a doubt the showpiece of House Renzi, a dazzling space with a timelessly elegant mix of marbled tiles and gold fittings. The leading marble look is Silver Root White, a Carrara-style ‘winter-white’ marble style tile with delicate grey veining that creates a stunning contrast against the honeyed wood cabinetry. Both the shower stall and an ingeniously shelved alcove feature Herringbone Milky White. This is a mini subway mosaic tile with an on-trend herringbone ‘installation’ pattern that is both playful and glamorous. Warm light softens the lush, marbled look, which is enhanced by the ultra-luxe touch of a glamorous matt gold tapware and similarly gilded bathroom accessories.

The second and third bathrooms have both been given a sophisticated urban feel, underscored with edgy black accessories. Once again, there’s an interesting textural play with the warm, grainy wood looks of Civic Cenere INOUT: practical beauty that offers good slip-resistance in a bathroom space. The green thread carries into bathroom three, with the star appearance once again of Vogue Esmeralda Subway Tiles adding lush looks to the shower stall.

In our experience, the remodelling of a whole house can take anything from 16 weeks to around 24 weeks, and more. depending upon the many frustrating realities in the construction world. The renovation of House Renzi – a sizeable project – took just four months from drawing board to completion: June to September 2023. With the oversight of Italtile Bryanston’s Edward Smith, the project was wisely planned, carefully curated and guided at all times. Availability of all the high-end imported porcelain tiles was never a stumbling block, as Italtile’s warehouses carry stock at all times.

Loredana Renzi’s wise investment in exclusive ranges of durable, high-end LiveGreen tiles from Italtile will bring the Renzi family years of pleasure... and offer impressive returns in the long run when it’s time to put the home on the market. House Renzi’s elevated outdoor spaces, smart kitchen, living spaces and impressive bathrooms all add impressive value to the home – they are the key areas prospective homeowners focus on when deciding to ‘buy or pass’ and will positively affect the selling price.

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