Italtile Commercial Adds Eco-Chic Finishes to Irene Link Building C

July 31, 2023

Two years ago, the development team at Abland Property Developers commenced the construction of Irene Link Building B – in Doringkloof near Irene – reached out to Italtile Commercial’s Catherine Brown to select suitable high-end porcelain tiles to elevate the envisioned urban fusion aesthetic of the development.

The mixed-use space featuring steel, concrete, aluminium and glass is a truly connected precinct, as exemplified in the addition of Building C, which continues the bold architectural lines and the conversation between internal and external spaces.

Effectively, Building C (completed in April 2023) forms the visual and conceptual gateway to the complex, and as such required bold looks to ’lead the way’ into the mixed-use space.

Catherine Brown, who was tasked with oversight of Italtile product in Building B, was once again contacted to collaborate with co-owners Abland/SOM/Giflo and Nsika Architecture and Design and select tiles that not only harmonise with the existing aesthetic of Building B but also conform with the sustainable profile of the complex as a whole.

Catherine chose Spazio Gris EcoTec 600 x 1200 for the interior spaces, with the complementary 600 x 600 slip resistant version for the exterior walkways. Spazio EcoTec is a locally manufactured tile range from sustainable tile pioneers Gryphon and is one of Italtile’s most popular LiveGreen ranges. It is a thinner, lighter yet stronger tile than other options in the marketplace, thanks to new technologies that reduce the amount of clay required for the bodies. Less energy is required for firing and less water is used through the manufacturing process.

Italtile and Italtile Commercial are committed to their LiveGreen journey and so it is a great privilege to be associated with high-calibre sustainable projects like Irene Link; Catherine Brown and her team look forward to continuing their collaboration with Irene Link on Building D and E, which are both in the pipeline.

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