Seen At Cersaie 2022. Tiles As Furniture.

November 11, 2022

Tiles aren’t just becoming bigger (3m and more), they’re also becoming more flexible. And by that we don’t mean bendy (although modern tile tech allows for a certain amount of flex), we mean versatile. They’re moving beyond our floors and walls to fulfil their destiny as ‘surfaces’.


As seen at Cersaie 2022­ – the ultimate launchpad for the world’s tile trends – XXL tiles and slabs are now popular options for furniture materials, as the beautiful building blocks of some wildly imaginative and incredibly durable décor items. Who’d have thought it?

A tile isn’t the first object that springs to mind when brainstorming a headboard, or a set of cupboard doors, or a table top, or a basin. It’s unusual. But that’s what makes it so innovative and original. And there are a number of other considerations, too, making a piece of tile-surfaced furniture an attractively practical proposition versus other more trad materials.


Tile surface v. wood surface. Wood, being organic, reacts to moisture and dryness. It is easy to scratch and fades with regular exposure to sun. Porcelain tile surfaces are non-porous, so there’s no issue with coaster-less drinks and rings, plus they are UV resistant and scratch resistant.

Tile surface v. metal surface. With some types of metal surfaces, rust is an issue, particularly in the case of outdoor furniture or bathroom furniture. Not so with porcelain tile surfaces.

Tile surface v. natural stone. Natural stone cannot be cut to be as slender as a tile surface. It is also a GREAT deal more expensive. Think real marble, travertine and onyx vs marble looks, travertine-style or onyx-look tiles. Spare a thought for the planet, too – real stone is not a sustainable choice.

Tile surface vs plastic surface. OK, this one’s a no-brainer when it comes to sustainability. Italtile tiles meet requirements for clean waste and recycling at end of life. Plastic... does not. End of story.

Tile surface vs glass surface. Glass is gorgeous, but greasy smears and smudgy fingerprints aren’t. It’s a high maintenance surface, and can scratch, chip and shatter easily. A tiled surface? Not so much.

In short, a tiled surface is a low maintenance, long term, lower cost, lovely, LiveGreen option.

Some thought starters. Desks, benches, shelving, large planters, kitchen/dining tables, outdoor tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, coffee tables, headboards and fireplace surrounds.

Wood look tile cladding will look fabulous in a classic space, like a farmhouse kitchen. Stone looks? Well, they have timeless appeal and sing beautifully in any space. But this is your creativity. One of the joys of slab-clad furniture is that it gives you the opportunity to be playful and push the boundaries of traditional design. Some of our slabs will ignite interesting possibilities ... like our unusual fabric-textured Textil Gris 1200 x 2400.

Cut to fit. Right. So, you’ve decided you want to clad your kitchen island with marble look tile, something like, let’s say, our dazzling Marvel Pro Calacatta Extra Lappato Colour Bodied Porcelain Tile 1200 x 2400. Great. We’ll measure and cut it. Sure, you say. But easier said than done. Au contraire, we say. Easily done. With our precision waterjet cutting service.

The only limit is your imagination. As a famous South African once said, “It’s only impossible until it’s done.” Bring us your ideas, and where needed, pictures and measurements of the space you’re working with. We’ll cut to fit.



Let’s create iconic furniture magic together with our slabs.



Depending upon the scale of your furniture project, many of our XXL tiles (not quite 1200 x 2400 slabs but amply sized nonetheless, e.g. 900 x 1800) will create gorgeous coffee table clusters, basin surrounds, smaller tables...