Shaw Sinks | New Arrivals

February 15, 2022

Italtile adds iconic, handcrafted Shaws Sinks to its global portfolio of signature style.

Italtile has aligned itself with covetable, eco-chic, limited edition loveliness for both residential and commercial markets for over 50 years, through longstanding partnerships with some of the most highly regarded international and local makers of beautiful, usable art. An exciting new relationship with Shaws of Darwen in Lancashire has enabled Italtile to bring a limited selection of iconic, handcrafted, aspirational farmhouse-style Shaws Butler’s Sinks to South Africa.

The history of the iconic Butler’s Sink takes us back to 16th century English and Irish farmhouses, but it was in the 17th century that it made its way into the great mansions and castles of the landed gentry, and from there to the gracious city dwellings of the upper classes. Over the centuries it has changed its name: from Farmhouse Sink, to Apron Sink (and Belfast Sink in Ireland), and finally to the name we know it by today - the Butler’s Sink. Deep and large and beautifully practical, the Butler’s Sink became ubiquitous in homes and establishments throughout the UK during the 19th and 20th centuries, and, today, is the focal point of beautiful, classic, timelessly elegant kitchens throughout the world.

The Shaws story. In a quiet corner of England, in the small town of Darwen in Lancashire, Arthur George Shaw began using the rich clay deposits at his father’s coal mine to handcraft the forerunners of the 21st century’s most widely recognisable brand of Butler’s Sinks. That was 1897, and the fireclay sinks and terracottaware were baked in a gas-fired clayware kiln he patented. Over 120 years later, the same quality, individuality and authenticity underpins the brand. The identical processes are used, and handed down from mastercraftspeople to apprentices.

Each Shaws sink is a unique work of fine art. Each sink is made by hand; from the slip casting, to the hand finishing and finessing (called ‘fettling’), to the double glazing for durability. As with all works of fine art, a Shaw sink bears the signature imprint of the maker, as well as the date, as proof of provenance.

Designed to last for generations. The casting, fettling, glazing and firing of a Shaws sink takes up to 4 weeks and the dimensions of each sink may differ by 2% or so, according to the hands of the craftsperson involved. The slow process ensures a finished product that carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Quality, durability and safety are baked in. The heavy fireclay material, as well as the processes employed, ensure a final product that is resistant to cracking, chipping, chemicals and staining, no matter how heavy-duty the usage. The hardwearing Shaws glaze is tested and proven to reduce bacterial colonies of e-coli and MRSA by 99.99%.

Meet Italtile’s exclusive new Shaws Shaker Sinks. Italtile has selected a small and exclusive collection of three Shaws sinks: the Shaker 600, the Shaker 800 Single and the Shaker 800 Double. Each of the Shaws Shaker Sinks is characterised by a deep bowl (and in the case of the 800 Double – a deep double bowl), pared-down, sharply defined lines; an up-to-the-minute take on the traditional butler’s sink, with a design that pays homage to the authentic simplicity of an unornamented Shaker kitchen. The Shaker range is part of the Shaw Contemporary Collection, and is versatile enough to harmonise beautifully with rustic, country-style looks, classic, elegant Victorian lines or contemporary kitchen mood boards. In every case, a Shaws Shaker sink will provide the focal point, as well as talkability.

Shaker 600 or 800 Single: with its deep bowl and sharp lines, the Shaker Single is extremely versatile and will add more than a touch of luxury and elegance to any kitchen. Available only in white, with a sink strainer included.

The Shaker 800 Double adds double the luxury and elegance to traditional or contemporary kitchens, with a dropped dividing wall and clean lines for a subtle yet distinguished look. Available only in white, with a sink strainer included.

Professional Installation. Owning a Shaws Shaker Sink is a serious commitment to deluxe, handcrafted style, and to ensure a lifetime of joy and delight, careful and experienced hands are required when it comes to installation. Italtile offers Professional Installation Services: excellent, experienced and vetted teams who have a deep knowledge of all Italtile products.

The ultimate Instagrammable sink. Perhaps you’ve seen pics of a Butler’s Sink filled with fresh cut roses, peonies and hydrangeas soaking in water, and they’ve got you dreaming of that romantic, CottageCore life. Or maybe you’ve been charmed by vintage photographs featuring babies being bathed in the Butler’s Sink. It is an inimitable style that epitomises slow living, the honouring of everyday moments, and a return to craftsmanship, heritage, and lasting value. A Shaws sink returns the user to an almost-forgotten value: the luxury of time.

Shaws. Yours for life. The return on your investment in a unique, signed, numbered and dated Shaws Shaker Sink from Italtile will be the making of indelible memories across many generations, cast in fireclay. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, these are sinks handcrafted for life. Made in England. Imported around the world. Now available in South Africa, only at Italtile.

Provenance. Shaws of Darwen sustainability and Italtile’s LiveGreen ethos. In the 21st century, with global commitment to a more circular economy and more sustainable living, both Italtile and Shaws of Darwen have placed extreme importance on provenance. We all need to know the journey of an item, where its ingredients come from, and the impact of procurement, production and transport on the planet. Ethics and sustainability in the journey our products make is paramount – from birth, through life, right up until the consideration of what happens when they end their usefulness. Italtile is proud to add their LiveGreen label to Shaws of Darwen Shaker Sinks – with their ethos of bespoke, small-batch heritage products handmade from traditional, locally-sourced, sustainable materials by the community in which they operate.

Shaws Sinks: {Designs exclusive to Italtile}

-           The Shaws Shaker 600

-           The Shaws Shaker 800

-           The Shaws Shaker 800 Double