Introducing eco-chic INDEED INOUT by Stylnul Ceramica.

February 6, 2024

An exciting addition to Italtile’s diverse concrete look collection.

While traditional thinking attaches the design descriptors of industrialist, modernist, minimalist, even brutalist, when confronted with the concept of concrete in either residential or commercial interior design, to Italtile’s thinking, it’s not always so black and white. Concrete can be a design asset when incorporated into almost any style, and it’s those ‘endless shades of grey’ that do it. Greys, along with all neutral tones, always play a central role, adding an element of Quiet Luxury for the ultimate calm-up; and modern concrete and cement looks work a charm. This is why Italtile offers such a large and diverse selection of concrete, cement and screed looks in both warm and cool tones.

Exciting new Indeed, by sustainable Spanish tile manufacturers Stylnul Ceràmica, is Italtile’s latest exclusive, eco-chic matt concrete porcelain tile – that overturns the concrete purists’ insistence of “only one grey” with its beautifully varied shades on offer.

Indeed is a large-format 1000 x 1000 mm porcelain tile suitable for both floors and walls. The range is exclusive to Italtile and is available in a medium Grey and lighter Silver, as well as warmer-toned Sand and Ash. Indeed Grey would be ideal for urban, modern or minimalist mood boards, harmonising well with rich brown leathers and fabrics, as well as dark woods and metal accents. Indeed Sand and Indeed Ash, while perfect for the same looks, can also lend a light, airy, contemporary feel to more classic or traditional interior and outdoor spaces, without detracting from the luxurious sophistication. Each colour variant has the sense of textural variance in raw concrete so admired by interior designers, which makes ideal for creating dimensional layers in a space. 

Indeed is a rectified tile. This means each tile has the exact same precise edge. The main feature of a rectified tile is precision, created by a process of mechanical cutting and precise machining to ensure straight and uniform edges. This results in tiles with very consistent dimensions as each tile is the same size and shape. These reliably straight edges allow for tight grout lines – typically around 1.5 mm or less – which will always give a near seamless finish for a sleek appearance. 

The Indeed matt concrete rectified porcelain tile range offers two unique benefits:

A canvas layout: Before the tiles are fired, the unfired material is laid out flat, in a canvas.  A tile die cut is then applied to the extended canvas to cut the tiles from one piece. This ensures the absence of repetitive design, as each tile has been cut from one extended design. The result is an authentic and naturally varianced cement-look floor space or wallscape with many individual ‘faces’ and almost no repeated pattern.

InOut technology: A remarkable slip-resistant technology pioneered by Stylnul that delivers a smooth velvety feel (rather like a warm stone underfoot) in dry conditions, and a high level of slip resistance which is activated in the wet. The technology has an R10 rating. Unlike traditional slip-resistant tile surfaces, many of which have randomly applied abrasives – safe, but nonetheless a hard-to-clean surface texture – an InOut tile offers a fine, uniform coating of microscopic granules, applied to the tile to deliver a smooth yet slip-resistant surface, which is then very easy to wipe clean. An InOut tile, being both smooth AND grippy, is ideal for inside use as well as exterior use.

Manufacturers Stylnul Ceramica are renowned for their rigorous green credentials, applying constantly audited protocols both to their manufacturing plant and the tiles that they create. The STN solar plant comprises 6,123 photovoltaic panels along with 25 inverters to reduce their carbon footprint; the system also facilitates the constant monitoring of the plant and the energy consumption of their network.

The Indeed InOut 1000 x 1000 mm matt concrete look porcelain range is exclusive to Italtile – an exciting addition to their growing InOut Collection – and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen logo.