Bathroom Floor Tiles - Your Ultimate Remodelling Guide.

October 25, 2023

When it comes to renovating, the bathroom floor isn't just another element. It sets the tone for the entire space, underpinning the very essence of your sanctuary. Choosing the right bathroom floor tiles can significantly elevate the aesthetics, boost functionality, and enhance the durability of your bathroom.  

With decades of expertise under our belt, Italtile is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your choice aligns perfectly with your vision and needs. Browse our bathroom floor tile selection here or keep reading for some inspiring bathroom floor tile ideas!  


Tile Talk: Navigating Your Bathroom Floor Tile Options 

Choosing the perfect bathroom flooring isn't just about what catches the eye. It means weighing up your aesthetic preferences, the ambiance you envision for the bathroom, and the level of maintenance you're prepared to undertake. 

Here are some of the unique attributes of various tile types to help you navigate your options: 


Shiny Bathroom Floor Tiles: 

  • Aesthetics: These tiles are the embodiment of sleek and contemporary design! Their reflective, polished surface exudes a sense of luxury and elegance, making them a popular choice in modern bathrooms. 
  • Light Enhancement: They're champions in reflecting light, perfect for brightening up any space, especially when considering bathroom floor tile ideas for small bathrooms. 
  • Maintenance: While they shine brightly, they're also prone to showing water spots and smudges. This means they might need frequent cleaning. 
  • Recommended Use: Shiny tiles are a staple in modern and high-end bathroom designs, celebrated for their stylish appeal. 


Lappato Bathroom Floor Tiles: 

  • Aesthetics: Lappato tiles strike a harmonious balance with a semi-polished finish. They bridge the gap between matte and shiny surfaces, presenting a unique and gentle sheen. 
  • Light Reflection: With their ability to give the bathroom a muted glow, they're a sublime alternative to the intense brilliance of glossier tiles. 
  • Maintenance: Lappato tiles edge ahead in the low-maintenance race, particularly when pitted against their shinier counterparts, as they mask water spots more effectively. 
  • Recommended Use: Their versatility shines, fitting seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs. 

Matte Bathroom Floor Tiles: 

  • Aesthetics: With their non-reflective, flat finish, matte tiles offer a tranquil and understated appearance. They're a go-to for those aiming for a calm and peaceful ambiance. 
  • Light Reflection: By absorbing light, they create a cosy and intimate mood, reminiscent of spa-like tranquility. 
  • Maintenance: If low maintenance is on your wish list, matte tiles answer the call. They're less likely to betray watermarks or stains. 
  • Recommended Use: Matte tiles find their calling in modern, minimalist, and even rustic bathroom designs. 

Satin Bathroom Floor Tiles: 

  • Aesthetics: Satin tiles, with their subtle gloss, float between matte and shiny tiles. Their delicate sheen sprinkles just the right amount of sophistication. 
  • Light Reflection: They capture and reflect light in moderation, striking a luminous balance in the bathroom. 
  • Maintenance: They maintain their grace, showing fewer water spots than their shinier peers. 
  • Recommended Use: Their adaptability is their forte, resonating with a plethora of bathroom styles, from classic to contemporary. 

Choosing the right tiles isn't just about the current trend. It's important to pick tiles that resonate with the overarching bathroom design and, more importantly, your personal style.  


Whether you're after traditional rectangle bathroom floor tiles or considering a more unusual wood tile bathroom floor, Italtile has got you covered! With our diverse range and expert advice, you're sure to find the ideal match for your dream bathroom. 


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Frequently Asked Questions: Your Bathroom Floor Tile Queries Answered 


  1. Why tile a bathroom floor?
    Tiling a bathroom floor offers several advantages. Tiles are incredibly durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making them ideal for a moist and high-traffic environment like the bathroom. Moreover, with the vast variety of designs, textures, and colours available at Italtile, tiles can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. 

  2. What tile is best for a bathroom floor?
    The best tile for your bathroom floor largely depends on your personal preference and the ambiance you want to create. As discussed, options range from shiny, lappato, matte, to satin tiles, each offering unique aesthetics and functionality. Consider factors like maintenance, light reflection, and overall design when making your choice. 

  3. What flooring is best for a small bathroom?
    For smaller bathrooms, tiles that reflect light well, such as shiny tiles, can be beneficial. They brighten up the space, making it feel larger and more open. Additionally, opting for larger rectangle bathroom floor tiles can give an expansive feel by reducing the number of grout lines.
  4. What is the best colour flooring for a bathroom?
    Colour preference is subjective, but generally, lighter colours can make a bathroom feel more spacious and airy. Neutral tones like whites, beiges, and greys are versatile and can complement various bathroom styles. However, if you're looking to make a bold statement, darker or vibrant coloured tiles can be striking, especially when paired with the right decor and fixtures. 

Remember, Italtile is always here to provide expert advice and a range of bathroom tile ideas to help you make the best choice for your space. And don’t forget our nifty uView tool can help you test various options before you buy! Check it out