Partnerships with Purpose: Meet the Makers: Tivoli.

November 29, 2023


Professionalism that speaks of deep integrity. Promises that reassure and bring peace of mind. The mindfulness of real, down-to-the-bone sustainability in a world of greenwashing. The sheer brilliance of class-leading design. Craftsmanship that dazzles. The thrill and visceral ‘jolt’ felt when in the presence of innovative thinking. The reward of finding a ‘first’, discerning the first growth of a trend.

In our world, these are the passion points that excite and ignite us when reaching out to create partnerships with world-class makers. When we get to tick every one of these boxes we know we’ve landed a winner, forging ties with like-minded folk who ‘get’ us and our relentless search for products that support both our Beautiful Living personality and our LiveGreen heart. People who are in it for the long run, who, like us, believe in the value of timeless style and investment in lasting quality. People whose craftwork and stories we’re proud to represent and stand behind in our showrooms and online.

People like the makers and suppliers of Tivoli Taps, who have been redefining ‘tapology’ since 1959. These beauties are imported from Italy and are distributed from a centre in Boksburg. Tivoli is the largest Italian tap brand in South Africa, built on the reputation of master crafters renowned for innovative design, peerless quality, impeccable finish... and the impressive technology that underscores the brand’s sustainability. Partners for life, the Italtile Group owns the factory where Tivoli Taps are born.

Tivoli offers a tremendous variety of products for different needs – basin taps, bath taps, bidet taps, plumbing fittings, freestanding bath taps and shower coloumns – in a huge selection of styles. Are you all about the glamour? Go for Matt Gold Tivoli Verona with knurled details. Do you vibe to a modern beat? Cavallino Dark Mirror is your jam. Into the cool urban aesthetic? Tivoli Gadoni will interest you. Are you a super-nostalgic romantic at heart? You’ll fall in love with the vintage charm of the Tivoli Roma range. For those who look for edgy minimalism, there’s the Tivoli Caserta range with its square ‘Bauhaus’ geometry.

No matter which Tivoli Tap you choose, you’ll always benefit from a solid build that is both SAPCS and JASWIC approved, impressive watersaving characteristics (all aerators in our Tivoli Taps are set at a flow rate of 5 litres/minute when operating at a water pressure of 3 Bars, thereby substantially assisting with water-saving), and durability protected with a 15-year guarantee and a 5-year warranty on the cartridge.

Although all Tivoli Taps are engineered to deliver the benefit of watersaving, the story of Tivoli sustainability goes deeper than just flow rate per minute... into ocean conservation. Tivoli, along with distributors ITD, share Italtile’s concern for the alarming impact of human endeavours on the planet. A few years ago, the three organisations discovered the conservation link they were searching for, and a way to involve our customers in the philanthropy: Marine Biologist Dr Sara Andreotti, her SharkSafe Barrier research and development, and her shark conservation work, which at that point was entirely self-funded.

And so Italtile’s SharkWise Project began, to support the incredible work of Sara and her teams and to help amplify their conservation stories, in an attempt to change the negative narrative surrounding South Africa’s vulnerable shark populations.

The machinery of change is simple: every time a Tivoli Tap is purchased, Italtile donates R2 to the SharkWise Project fund. In 2022 alone, our eco-conscious customers helped us raise R 150 000! To find out more about Dr Sara Andreotti’s conservation work in South Africa, Reunion and the Bahamas, why not dip into her regular Shark Notes on our blog.

So, you see, there’s so much more to adore when you take the time to tap into Italtile’s exclusive luxury and meet the makers. You’ll always find a fascinating story. Which is part and parcel of the journey into Italtile’s eco-chic world of Beautiful Living.