Italtile unpacks the avant-garde new Orta tap collection from Tivoli

August 7, 2023

Lake Orta. Not Italy’s largest body of water, but certainly one of its most picturesque, with quintessentially Italian scenery. The inspiration for the new range of contemporary taps by Nobili, for Tivoli: the statement-making Nobili Orta Tap Collection. Quintessentially Italian.

Nobili Rubineterrie has a reputation for avant-garde, innovative design – creating what they call ‘everyday wonders’ – and is also currently raising the bar for the category with its net-zero carbon emissions, utilising electricity generated entirely from renewable sources.

Italtile is proud to offer its customers the exclusive new Orta range, with its progressive design aesthetic and remarkable technology incorporating a full-immersion Nobili Widd® 34mm cartridge with axial movement. This unique Nobili invention revolutionises the structure of traditional mixers by eliminating the side cartridge block to produce a streamlined profile. This technology enables a torsional strength of 18 Nxm, with high-pressure resistance to over 70 bar.

These avant-garde beauties offer durable double nickel and chromium plating and a galvanic treatment which helps protect and preserve the mixers. Apart from their built-in, long-lasting looks, iconic ‘square round’ design, and mirror polish chrome finish, they also slow the flow with a sustainable 6 litres per second.

The aerator has an anti-limescale function which makes for easy maintenance and efficient cleaning.

The cartridge is a 70 000-Cycle Eco Produced Cartridge and carries a 15-year guarantee, while all the tap bodies in the range come with Tivoli’s 15-year guarantee.

Features and benefits of the range include:

Cold start functionality: Avoid wasting energy by not activating the water heater unnecessarily. Water heaters consume a significant amount of energy, and using hot water when you don't need it can lead to unnecessary energy expenses.

Position half and full open water-saving cartridge: These cartridges are designed to control the water flow in two different positions: half open and fully open. The half-open position restricts the flow of water, reducing the amount of water used for everyday tasks like handwashing, etc

15 years guarantee for manufacturing defects and on the cartridge

Made in Italy

Brass pin on cartridge:
Durability - ensuring a longer lifespan compared to some other materials.
brass pin on cartridge provides smooth and precise control over the water flow and temperature. Resistance to extreme temperatures: Brass has excellent thermal properties, making it suitable for both hot and cold water applications.

5 litre per minute aerator on basin mixers

Anti-scalding temperature limiter: benefits to enhance safety and prevent accidental burns or scalding from hot water

SAPCS and JASWIC approved

The eco-chic Tivoli Orta range of mixers is exclusive to Italtile and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen label.

View the range here