Italtile Retail Gives Feedback On "Solutions For A Sustainable Future" At Frankfurt’s ISH 2023

March 24, 2023

Every two years – with the exception of the years when the world shut down due to Covid – Italtile visits the ISH Trade Fair (the world’s leading trade fair for water and energy management systems), for an up-close-and-comprehensive overview of the latest industry innovations, with particular reference to bathroom tech. Each visit brings fresh insights and the March 2023 pilgrimage to ISH at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, did not disappoint. The team shared some top-line thoughts on the most noteworthy highlights.

Sustainability. Unsurprisingly, the 2023 theme was “Solutions for a Sustainable Future”, with the focus on energy self-sufficiency, supply security, drinking water hygiene and renewable energy sources. This year, around 2000 companies showcased their green design capabilities. It was a most illuminating experience, which allowed the Italtile Retail team to examine the latest sustainable products introduced at the event by some of their longstanding partners, including Almar and Laufen. It was also a great opportunity for the team to contextualise, audit and benchmark Italtile’s own eco-focused LiveGreen ethos and track the latest trends.

Biophilic Design. While sustainability was the watchword at every stand, the Italtile team noted with interest the proliferation of biophilic cues, with decorative elements from nature adding eye appeal to the displays. At the simplest level, biophilic design is the inclusion of plants and living plant walls or eco-chic faux foliage in a residential or commercial space. At a more profound level, it challenges architects and builders to design spaces that themselves mimic the natural world – bringing the outdoors indoors – in order to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the people within.

It’s a macrotrend that continues to gain traction and Italtile’s own showrooms have incorporated biophilic elements to their displays.

Recycling and The Circular Economy. Regenerative practices were in evidence with many displays incorporating the recycling of elements as well as the use of recycled materials in manufacture. Most noteworthy was Laufen’s astonishing new SAVE Toilet; a product that leads the way in responsible water flow and wastewater management, with a revolutionary ‘urine trap’. This is engineered to separate waste streams prior to processing at wastewater plants, thus using less energy. Valuable nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are then extracted, to be passed on to other industries.

Vanities Featuring Colour and Texture. Interior design purists might argue that texture isn’t so much of a trend as it is an aesthetic, but it is certainly fascinating to note the rise of textured finishes as featured in the bathroom vanities on show.

Slatted wood finishes have become the ‘texture du jour’ – also spotted at Cersaie 2022 as a popular surface finish – while a texture combination of wood, metal and painted surfaces is trending in the bathroom vanity space.

Italtile, once again bang on trend, has recently unpacked a range of vanities that exemplify this texture-plus-colour sensation: the vogueish new Spanish Milan and Coachman vanities (beechwood and oak with either a white or olive-toned drawer finish).

LED Mirrors. Touch Dimmable vs Motion Sensor Operation. The Italtile team was thrilled to note that the company is way ahead of the trend in the field of mirror technology. While the majority of the LED Mirrors on display featured dimmable LED lights controlled with touch, Italtile’s brand new Affirmations LED Dimmable Mirrors with Motion Sensor Operation are leading the way.

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