All The Things We Love

July 1, 2021

(And So Much More For You To Adore)

A wise human once said... when we approach the world with interest and curiosity, we see more to be loved, and less to be feared. Love is always the tonic for tumultuous times. So, we’re thrilled to offer to you, this July, so much to love. So much.

From the lovely little things to the grand and majestic XXL, each piece, whether brand new, bang on trend, and fresh off the boat, or a timeless bit of luxury we’ll never stop stocking, brings with it a story of hope, rooted in the evidence of its lovingly crafted heart, designed to be a touchable, living memory of the time you invested in beauty.

And so, we present, for your interest and curiosity, beautiful things to love, and reasons to trust and believe, in July and beyond.

Feel The Love. First off, let’s get the big reveal on the table. Drumroll and applause please, for the July 2021 launch of our FEEL THE LOVE promotion. Right now, and in the coming months, you’ll be able to satisfy your craving for the luxe looks you love, for up to 40% less. This year, there’s so much more loveliness, for so much less: more new tiles, taps, baths, mosaics, showers, sanware, mirrors and accessories. Take a peak here:

Love promo

OK, so now that you’ve taken a quick – or not so quick – look at the long list of promo loveliness, we suggest you pack another set of hearteyes, because there’s so much more for you to adore. Now read on.  

What Lies Underneath Love? Green Love. This is a deep and abiding love of ours and probs could do with another blogpost all of its own. To Love Green means to Live Green. That’s our path. The shift from chic to eco chic has been gradual but mindful over the past half a century, and as we have understood better, we have done better. But we could do better still. Follow our LiveGreen journey here:

Our suppliers and partners are all green to the bone, none more so than Cotto, suppliers of eco-friendly and waterwise Thai sanware style. Feast your eyes on their Simply Modish toilet with soft-close seat and open rim with hygienic coating. The name says it all, really. Cutting edge, on-trend design, combining a unique, cubic shape with natural curves. But let’s take a look inside. A Triplex Flush system swooshes the water simultaneously in three directions for a truly efficient, cleansing flush. Bear in mind most loos in SA use between 6 – 12 litres per flush, and are guilty of draining 30% - 40% of total household water usage. The Simply Modish uses only between 3 – 4.5 litres per flush. Do the maths. Plus, this eco chic stunner is 20% off in our FEEL THE LOVE promo. What’s not to love?

We Love Luxury. We’re talking deeply, deliciously luxe. The kind of luxe only a V+ A Pembroke Bath can deliver. Victoria and Albert sanware is the last level in luxurious bliss. Right up there above Cloud Nine. This magnificent tub was named after the birthplace of King Henry VII, England’s first Tudor Monarch. Really regal and elegant. With generous proportions, crisp corners and a neat edge.


One of the cornerstones of luxury is the time and care invested in its creation: this freestanding tub has been crafted from a state-of-the-art solid surface material called QUARRYCAST®. Rich in volcanic limestone, the bath’s naturally white form has been sculpted using exquisite proportions, to offer silky smoothness and a warm ‘touch’. You’re falling hard, right? Now let’s add more to love: get 10% off in the FEEL THE LOVE promo. Lup-dub, lup-dub, lup-dub (that’s the sound of your heart beating faster!)

Love Local. Our roots are Italian, but our heart is warmed by the African sun. We can’t stress enough just how much respect and admiration we have for local design and manufacture: much of our beloved luxury was crafted right here in the R of SA. Like locally designed and manufactured Dominus Accessories, created from solid brass and then chrome plated. The design and build of each piece is outstanding, and comes with a 25-year guarantee. The endlessly elegant, classic Dominus Heritage range just happens to be a superb match for our exclusive SOFI tap range, another timeless design, currently on promo. (We’ll be talking about it later on in the blogpost.) View the Dominus Heritage range here:


Making Green Love. That’s what Global Stone does, really. Reducing the impact of waste glass in world landfills by recycling it into gloriously eco chic mosaics is an extreme act of love for the planet. You’ll find a bunch of these little beauties in our FEEL THE LOVE promo:

Big Love for Small Spaces. We’re mad about smart space-saving ideas. Take the Arco 1200mm Double Vanity Unit, for example, with white double basin set, by Visobath. We’re talking functional fabulosity here, made in Spain, that literally creates space in a smaller bathroom, with neat, sleek, slim lines. Higher quality laminate finishes, anti-bacterial lacquer, high quality hinges with partial and full extraction capability, marvellous attention to detail (including textile drawer lining on soft close drawer, cosmetic drawer inserts on top drawer, and natural wood handle). This kind of loveliness deserves a full body ‘Olé’!


We Heart Timeless Style. Love that never dies. The kind of feelings we learned about in the great fairy tales. Happily ever after. There’s nothing fictional about it... it’s the love we have for timeless style. For fashion that turned into a trend, and then stayed to become a forever look. Like our SOFI range of taps. Classics, every single one. With formal styling and refined elegance. Traditional craftsmanship meets high tech precision and modern inspiration. View these gaspworthy pieces of art here:

We Love the Science of Safety. When sensible is sexy, that’s really something. And our slip-resistant tile collection is REALLY SOMETHING. Arguably the widest range of scientifically safer tiles in South Africa. Rocking every shade of varianced grey – the new neutral – is local, lekker Spazio. This screed-look range is available in matt and slip-resistant and has, without question, and for very good reason, become our most requested tile.

The screed trend became a forever look yonks ago and shows no sign of leaving us. Spazio is a particularly beautiful reimagining of this beloved look, with its super-naturally splashed and flecked variances. And its slip-resistant option offers a surface with nano-technology designed to grip even better the wetter it gets. This is your go-to patio and poolside finish, fo’sho.

Love Your Reflection. Trending right now is the mixed texture look. And our Black Stallion Mirror with its black edge, high shine and fashion-forward leather strap will add an interesting layer, and elevate your minimalist, matt black bathroom look. Of course, a beautiful mirror can also open up a smaller space and add dimension.

Dressing up your walls and accessorising an outfit – both activities have a lot in common. Sometimes simplicity rules (minimalism). But sometimes, layering with more elements takes it all to the next level by adding drama and interest (maximalism).

The Affirmations Black Stallion mirror is assembled here in South Africa, but the peerlessly clear glass comes from Pilkington in England. You won’t find a more accurate reflection of your loveliness anywhere.

Love Laufen? You’ll Adore Palomba. Our beloved partners Laufen have been supplying us with their superb ‘Swissness’ for 20 years, but Laufen have been carving a style niche for themselves for over 125 years. These legends stay consistently ahead of the design and trend curve by searching – in their inimitably relentless fashion – for sustainable solutions to enhance everyday experiences.


They collaborate with the world’s most exciting architects and designers to achieve this. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba are a world-renowned and much-awarded design duo. Their trophy cabinets are literally littered with the world’s most desirable design awards, year after year: the Compasso D’Oro, the Red Dot Award, the Design Plus Award, the Product Innovation Award, the German Design Award, the Elle Decoration International Design Award.

Their Kartell by Laufen range is an Italtile exclusive. And now, we are psyched to introduce you to their latest uber-awesomeness. The Palomba range. Another Italtile exclusive, for your eyes only, Italstylistas! The range takes sanware into the next level, and honestly we didn’t think it was possible. This is sculpture. In their words, the duo were inspired “by the eternal movement of the sea on the shore”. In our words? Well, for once, we’re speechless. Love lamps burning on high beam.

Love Harder. Right now, we’re all going through the most difficult time of our lives. Let’s apply love to the max. Love harder. In our private lives, through our WFH struggles, and our purchasing decisions. Investing in something special and exclusive, of lasting beauty, means you are seeing beyond a very difficult present to a beauty-filled future. And at Italtile there’s so much beauty to love that is of lasting value.

Don’t wait for better days. Show yourself some self-love now. Surround yourselves with beautiful things now. And do it in the firm and comforting belief that there’s more good stuff to come. Because it will come. Until then, we’re here for you, wherever you are. With sanitised showrooms and design-certified sales assistants. We’re also right behind your screen, online, with one of the biggest webshops around, design advice, and a variety of online style trial services.

Either way, you’ll FEEL THE LOVE you need to live beautifully. Ciao.