SharkWise Project: The First Paper

June 11, 2024


Since the creation of our SharkWise Project, which was founded to help fund the incredible work of marine biologist Dr Sara Andreotti and her team, we’ve seen Sara and her team go from strength to strength. We watched with excitement as they took her invention, the SharkSafe Barrier, a world first, from testing, to refinement, to installation in the coastal waters around Reunion and the Bahamas. We’ve been fascinated and educated by Sara’s regular SharkNotes, which keep us all up to date on her team’s adventures in deep water with her beloved but profoundly vulnerable ‘ocean shepherds’. And now, we are thrilled to announce another first.

The very first scientific paper has been published online, with Masters’ graduate Megan Maroen as first author (in other words, the person who made the greatest intellectual contribution to the work). Our SharkWise Project and The Italtile Foundation have helped support her endeavours.

With awe and admiration, we’re posting her innovative work on our blog post, for you to read.

Article: The effectiveness of the semi‐automated Identifin software to accurately fast‐track dorsal fin photographic identifications of sharks (

We are mindful that the publishing of a research paper is essential for career progression within academia. It boosts the opportunity for promotion and tenure. And it is a measure of a scholar’s contributions to his or her field. So, all of us at Italtile are thrilled to know that our SharkWise Project has helped make a difference to Megan Maroen’s studies and support the publishing of her first paper.

Of course, much of this achievement is thanks to your eco-chic style choices: every time you purchase a waterwise Tivoli Tap, we donate R2 to the fund. (And if that sounds like a drop in the ocean, bear in mind that since 2022, you helped us raise R 469 000.)

Find out more about the extraordinary work of Dr Sara Andreotti and her passionate team of shark conservation specialists from Stellenbosch University here: