Italtile's Exclusive Bellevue InOut Tiles.

March 18, 2024


Concrete and stone both deliver a muscular aesthetic to any indoor or outdoor moodboard; Italtile’s exclusive new 1200 x 1200 Bellevue INOUT matt porcelain tile offers the best of both worlds, with muscularity softened by a sense of timeless sophistication.

Bellevue INOUT is available in pale White and a mid-tone Grey; both colour options offer magnificent tonal variances and ‘movement’ with an exceptional treatment that creates a naturally weathered look. The tile designs from face to face allow for a seamless, uniform installation, no matter which way they are laid. The seamless uniformity is further enhanced by rectified edges; precision machine cutting makes for a perfectly straight tile edge and exact dimensions which delivers the benefit of extremely thin, tight grout joints – typically around 1.5 mm or less. Minimal grout lines make for a sleek, modern aesthetic which creates a remarkable vista across large floor and wall spaces.

Speaking of remarkable, continuous ‘vistas’, INOUT technology creates tiles that can be laid from the inside to the outside in both residential or commercial projects. INOUT technology creates a beautiful tile surface that has a matt finish and a smooth feel when dry – rather like the velvety texture of a worn stone underfoot – and an incredibly strong grip when wet. Traditional slip-resistant tiles offer a rough texture created from randomly applied abrasives, which is more difficult to maintain, with a hard-to-clean surface. Innovative INOUT technology, however, involves the application of a fine coating of uniformly sized microscopic granules, which, once fired, creates a velvety smooth, warm-to-the-touch finish. It is this smooth yet grippy finish that makes any INOUT tile perfect for both interior spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as exterior areas.

The 1200 x 1200 Bellevue INOUT matt porcelain tile is 10.5 mm thick, offers 7 faces for moderate graphic individuality, and has an R10 rating. Bellevue INOUT is a high-end porcelain tile from the STN Ceramica stable in Spain (with a solar plant consisting of 6,123 photovoltaic panels and 25 inverters to boost energy output and minimise the company’s carbon footprint). The beautifully practical Bellevue range has impressive sustainability credentials and will carry the coveted LiveGreen label.