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Traditionally the heart of every home, the kitchen has also become the nerve centre of operations; a hybrid space for meal prep, homework, tea and sympathy, zoom meetings and the rest!

A space full of your favourite flavours and shared memories. And now, you've got the chance to make it even more magical with our collection of world-class kitchen essentials.

Let’s help you plan and achieve a relaxed yet multi-functional space, where everyone feels at home with signature Italtile style.

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  1. Colour
    1. Beige 51 items
    2. Black 57 items
    3. Blue 54 items
    4. Brown 41 items
    5. Bronze 5 items
    6. Chrome 50 items
    7. Chrome and White 2 items
    8. Green 35 items
    9. Grey 143 items
    10. Gold 3 items
    11. Multicoloured 82 items
    12. Orange 4 items
    13. Pink 3 items
    14. Purple 3 items
    15. Red 7 items
    16. Silver 5 items
    17. White 101 items
    18. Yellow 4 items
  2. Is Sample Product
    1. Yes 1 item
  3. Spaces
    1. Bathroom 543 items
    2. Bedroom 452 items
    3. Garage Floor 15 items
    4. Kitchen 630 items
    5. Living Area 463 items
    6. Outdoor 120 items
    7. Shower Floor 238 items
  4. Style
    1. Classic 343 items
    2. Natural 256 items
    3. Modern 407 items
    4. Urban 350 items
  5. Suitable Application
    1. Floor 38 items
    2. Floor, Wall 309 items
    3. Inside Swimming Pool 211 items
    4. Shower Floor 250 items
    5. Wall 218 items
  6. Tap Hole
    1. Yes 12 items
    2. No 38 items
  7. Tile Finish
    1. Shiny 90 items
    2. Lappato 4 items
    3. Matt 133 items
    4. Satin 6 items
    5. Slip Resistant 1 item
  8. Tile Size
    1. 100 x 100mm 21 items
    2. 100 x 200mm 1 item
    3. 100 x 300mm 3 items
    4. 1200 x 1200mm 8 items
    5. 1200 x 2400mm 5 items
    6. 130 x 130mm 11 items
    7. 140 x 140mm 4 items
    8. 150 x 1200mm 4 items
    9. 200 x 1200mm 4 items
    10. 200 x 200mm 8 items
    11. 220 x 895mm 6 items
    12. 223 x 223mm 2 items
    13. 230 x 1200mm 2 items
    14. 265 x 800mm 4 items
    15. 300 x 1500mm 4 items
    16. 300 x 1800mm 1 item
    17. 300 x 600mm 1 item
    18. 300 x 900mm 2 items
    19. 333 x 333mm 2 items
    20. 333 x 1000mm 1 item
    21. 400 x 1200mm 5 items
    22. 450 x 450mm 3 items
    23. 590 x 1190mm 5 items
    24. 60 x 240mm 18 items
    25. 600 x 1200mm 32 items
    26. 600 x 600mm 20 items
    27. 600 x 900mm 1 item
    28. 75 x 150mm 5 items
    29. 75 x 300mm 8 items
    30. 750 x 1500mm 3 items
    31. 800 x 1600mm 17 items
    32. 800 x 800mm 2 items
    33. 900 x 900mm 5 items
    34. 900 x 1800mm 4 items
    35. 1000 x 1000mm 6 items
    36. 150 x 300mm 3 items
    37. 258 x 290mm 3 items
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Revamp Your Kitchen: Embrace the Charm of Stunning Tiles, Sinks, and Taps

Step into the heart of your home – your kitchen! It's a space full of your favourite flavours and shared memories. And now, you've got the chance to make it even more magical with our collection of world-class kitchen essentials – including kitchen wall and floor tiles, kitchen sinks and kitchen taps – all at your fingertips online....

Imagine a kitchen that reflects your personality. Picture walls adorned with stunning tiles, adding a touch of elegance. Think about the beauty of high-quality sinks and taps enhancing the functionality of your space. Our array of kitchen tiles, sinks, and taps spans a wide range of colours, materials, and styles. And for those little finishing touches? We've got adhesives, cleaners, tools, grout, and edgings to guarantee a smooth and professional installation.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Tiles Online

1. Strength: We know your kitchen is the heart of daily activities. To keep up, your kitchen floor tiles should be tough – resistant to scratches, stains, and chips.

2. Safety: Kitchens can become splash zones! Opt for floor tiles with a matt finish, especially crucial for homes with children or elderly.

3. Easy upkeep: An active kitchen means frequent cleaning. So, ensure your kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles are low maintenance.

4. Design: Choose tiles that add to your kitchen's charm. Consider the colour, texture, and pattern when you buy kitchen tiles online. Make sure to check out our Room Visualiser for inspiration!

5. Budget-friendly: Whatever your budget, we've got tiles that blend functionality and beauty.

Wondering about the Best Tile for Your Kitchen?

It's all about your personal style, how busy your kitchen is, and, of course, your budget. Here are some types of tiles suitable for kitchen use:

Ceramic tiles: With their durability, variety, and easy-to-clean nature, they are a popular choice.

Porcelain tiles:These are tough, water, scratch, and stain-resistant.

Vinyl tiles:These are cost-effective, easy to maintain and resist to water, scratches, and stains.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Sinks and Taps from Italtile

Every hero needs trusty sidekicks. In your kitchen, that's your sink and tap! A durable, attractive sink is a kitchen staple, and choosing the right one is an investment worth making.

With our collection, you're sure to find a sink that fits your kitchen and budget. We offer single, double, and triple designs, and a range of colours, shapes, and materials. Brands on offer include SMEG, Franke and Shaws, which are handmade in England.

Pair your sink with the perfect tap. Our taps are available in various designs and colours like chrome, black and brushed bronze. Choose from leading brands like Tivoli and Nobili.

Visit Italtile, your kitchen's new best friend, today. Let's create the kitchen of your dreams together with our unrivalled selection and expert advice!