Italtile Kitchen Taps: Elegance, Functionality and Style.

When designing your dream kitchen, high-quality kitchen sink taps are the unsung heroes. A tap isn’t just a tool, it's a vital accessory that enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen.  

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Italtile Kitchen Taps : Elegance, Functionality and Style

When designing your dream kitchen, high-quality kitchen sink taps are the unsung heroes. A tap isn't just a tool, it's a vital accessory that enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen....

Italtile kitchen accessories have long been the go-to choice for homeowners, and our kitchen taps for sale are no exception. We offer a wide array of styles, from sleek modern kitchen taps to retro and classic designs.

Shop Kitchen Wall Taps by Feature

To make sure that you buy the best taps for your kitchen, consider the following features:


Italtile's collection of kitchen taps comes in various finishes to complement your kitchen's unique decor style and colour palette. Do you prefer the sleek sophistication of chrome? Maybe our Tivoli Lira spring sink mixer would be the perfect choice for you.

Would you rather have something eye-catching in black? Then take a look at the bold simplicity of our Tivoli Molveno matte black mixer tap. Or do you prefer the warmth of bronze? Our Tivoli Roma brushed bronze wall type mixer tap offers you a stylish, classic look and great functionality. Whether you want your tap to serve as a subtle accent, or to be a standout feature in your Italtile kitchen, our extensive selection of taps will ensure you find just what you need!

Style and Design

Does the sleek convenience of a pull-out tap appeal to you? Our Tivoli Vicenza pillar type mixer with pull-out spray is definitely worth a look. Or do you prefer the simplicity of a minimalist white tap with the ease of use of a single lever action? If so, our stylish Tivoli Molveno white pillar mixer tap might be just what you’re after. If you prefer a more traditional design, our sturdy Tivoli Roma wall-mounted sink mixer tap will probably suit your taste very well.


We stock a wide range of kitchen sink taps for sale from famous brands including Tivoli, Idral and Nobili, that assure quality and innovation in every product. These brands are all synonymous with durability, style and top-notch functionality. Buying these internationally respected brands ensures that your kitchen tap is not only a practical addition to your kitchen, but will give you years of efficient, problem-free service.

Purchase Kitchen Sink Taps with Italtile

With our easy-to-navigate online store, Italtile allows you to access high-quality products with just a few clicks. From high-end kitchen sink taps for sale to a variety of kitchen accessories, Italtile ensures that enhancing your home with Italtile accessories is easy and enjoyable.

At Italtile, we're committed to quality, convenience, and superior service. Our range of kitchen taps in South Africa offer you the ideal solution if you want to enhance your kitchen. Whether you're renovating or just looking to upgrade, our selection of superb kitchen accessories promises to exceed your expectations.

Embrace elegance, functionality, and style with Italtile's exquisite collection of kitchen taps. Shop our extensive range today and transform your kitchen into a culinary haven!


What are the best kitchen taps?

The best kitchen taps combine durability, functionality and style, and come with a good brand reputation. Italtile offers a wide selection of taps that tick all these boxes, all backed by unbeatable warranties and guarantees.

How do I choose a new kitchen tap?

Consider the overall style of your kitchen, the specific features you need in a tap (like pull-out sprayers or water filtration), and the material that best suits your kitchen aesthetic and practical needs.

What is better, chrome or stainless steel taps?

Chrome taps offer a high-shine, eye-catching look, whereas stainless steel taps are known for their durability and resistance to tarnishing and water spots. The choice depends on your style preference and maintenance willingness.

Which taps last the longest?

Taps made from high-quality materials like solid brass, stainless steel and chrome have a longer lifespan. All the kitchen tap brands offered by Italtile are known for their durability and longevity.

What are the different types of Italtile kitchen taps?

Italtile offers a diverse range of kitchen taps, including mixer taps, wall-mounted taps, pull-out taps, and traditional pillar taps, each catering to different functionalities and styles.

What materials are Italtile kitchen taps made from?

Italtile's kitchen taps are crafted from various high-quality materials, including brass, stainless steel, and chrome, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

What features should I look for in an Italtile kitchen tap?

Key features include water efficiency, ease of use, ergonomic design, compatibility with your kitchen's water system, and ease of cleaning.