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Stylish Sinks: Make Your Kitchen Shine with Italtile

In every modern home, the
kitchen sink holds a vital place - no kitchen can function without it! But the modern kitchen sink only isn’t just functional - it can also add a stylish element.  

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Stylish Sinks: Make Your Kitchen Shine with Italtile

In every modern home, the kitchen sink holds a vital place - no kitchen can function without it! But the modern kitchen sink only isn't just functional - it can also add a stylish element....

Your kitchen sink plays a pivotal role in many kitchen activities, from the humble washing of hands, to preparing food and cleaning precious crockery and glassware you can't entrust to a dishwasher. But, with the myriad of kitchen sinks for sale in South Africa, how can you ensure you get the best value for your money? And get a stylish, functional sink that will last you for many years?

This is where Italtile comes to the rescue! Our wide selection of sleek and highly functional kitchen sinks for sale ranges from the traditional to the contemporary. Every one of our sinks is designed with functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Our extensive range of sinks will ensure you find one that perfectly meets all your requirements.

Shop Kitchen Sinks by Feature

At Italtile, we know that many of our discerning clients have a unique vision for their kitchen. We know that the sink they buy should not just fit seamlessly into their kitchens, but actually enhances them. The diversity of options at Italtile ensures that you'll spoilt for choice as you consider the following points:


Whether you're aiming for monochromatic elegance or a pop of colour, there's something to suit you. Our sink colours include, black, white, chrome, grey and silver.


With both modern and traditional sink options available, you're sure to find your dream kitchen sink.  We offer single, double, and triple sinks. Our sinks and prep bowls include drop-in and undermounted designs, and come with a range of strainer wastes, colanders and drainer baskets.


You can choose from renowned brands such as Smeg, Franke, and exquisitely handcrafted English models from Shaws.


Depending on your preference and the demands of your kitchen, our sinks are made from materials that promise durability, aesthetic appeal and class. These include stainless steel, tectonite, fragranite (a quartz composite) and traditional fireclay.  


Our sinks come in round, square and rectangular. We are only too well aware that the shape of the sink can dramatically impact your kitchen's character and appeal.

Purchase your Kitchen Sink with Italtile

Securing your ideal sink is a mere click away with Italtile's user-friendly online platform.

Why opt for kitchen sinks in South Africa through Italtile?

There are many reasons why you should buy your kitchen sink from us:

Our Diverse Range

Our wide range of designs cater to every taste and will ensure you find your perfect kitchen sink.

Our Quality Assurance

We are in partnership with world-renowned artisans, such as Shaws in the UK, which guarantees handcrafted perfection and a limited lifetime guarantee. Many of our other products also come with a 25-year warranty, like our superb Franke Cascade Triple Sink.

We Offer Sustainable Choices

We place great emphasis on environmentally friendly practices and sustainability. Many of our sinks, including the Shaws Shaker Sinks have received a LiveGreen label. This ensures ethical production practices with locally sourced materials.

Kitchen sinks in South Africa FAQ

1. What is the best choice for a kitchen sink?

While everybody's choice is subjective, it's essential that you select a sink that complements your kitchen's style, offers great functionality, and promises durability.

2. Is an expensive kitchen sink worth it?

Yes, it can be, as pricier kitchen sinks often guarantee quality materials, craftsmanship and technical detail, and durability. Brands like Shaws offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring longevity.

3. Is it good to have two sinks in a kitchen?

Having two sinks in your kitchen is a great advantage, especially in larger kitchens. It offers the added convenience of being able to do food preparation and cleaning simultaneously.

4. What is the best sink for longevity?

The best sinks are durable sinks. Our handcrafted sinks from Shaws are crack- chip- and stain-resistant and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Italtile is committed to providing our customers with durable products and we back that up with comprehensive warranty and guarantee policies.

5. Which sinks are best for kitchens?

The 10 Best Kitchen Sinks of 2023.

We recommend shopping for kitchen sinks made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, stone composite and fireclay. Stainless steel is a common material for kitchen sinks, but not all stainless-steel sinks are created equal.

Franke's tectonite and fragranite sinks are another great recommendation - Fragranite is germ proof, scratch proof, impact proof, stain proof, heat proof and the colour will not fade during the lifetime of the sink. Tectonite is a new generation synthetic material which makes sinks that are very elegant, durable and easy to clean.

Smeg stainless steel sinks are made with high-quality materials that are durable, resistant to stains and scratches, and easy to clean.

At Italtile, we pride ourselves on offering our clients world-class products, excellent service, and the benefit of more than half a century of experience. Let us help you choose the best sink for that kitchen you've always dreamt of!