Unleash Bathroom Elegance: Buy the Perfect Basin from Italtile

August 3, 2023

Your bathroom basin needn’t just be a boring, utilitarian fixture! Your basin can significantly influence the ambiance of your space and add a real touch of elegance. When looking for a basin, you need to consider the size, style, colour, and tap hole specifications. At Italtile we offer you an exquisite range of bathroom basins to match your decor style, colour scheme, budget and every functional requirement you have.  


What Kind of Basin Products can you get from Italtile? 

Italtile’s impressively wide range of bathroom basins for sale ensures you’ll find the perfect basin for your bathroom. Whether you go for a minimalist design, or a touch of opulence, Italtile assuredly has what you need. 


Here are important points to consider to ensure you choose the perfect basin: 


Shop Basins by Feature 

Italtile offers a variety of mounting options for basins. We have countertop basins that sit on top of the work surface, providing a modern look. Our wall hung basins are mounted directly onto the wall, freeing up floor space. Our undermount and drop-in basins are fitted below the countertop for a sleek finish and easy cleaning. 


Counter top basins make a stylish addition to any bathroom, creating a luxury aesthetic with their distinct, stand-out design. 

Our drop-in basins are versatile, practical and easy to install. They blend seamlessly with any counter, ensuring a neat finish and excellent functionality. 

Undermount basins provide a sleek and uncluttered look. They are installed under the counter, creating an uninterrupted surface that is easy to clean. 

Wall hung basins are the perfect choice for smaller spaces freeing up floor space and creating the illusion more space. 

Our wide range of quality taps in different sizes, colours and finishes offer you edgy modern designs and more traditional looks.   

Our extensive range of high-quality plumbing fittings ensures you’ll find the best fittings for your basin. 



Choose the Right Basin for Your Taste 


When choosing a basin from Italtile, always consider these factors: 


  • Colour 

Italtile’s basins come in a variety of colours to match your style, from crisp whites to bold and dramatic darker tones. Our white Cotto Simply Modish counter top basin offers you a modern look.  Our Lisbon Black Counter Top basin makes a bold statement. The stunning Waldo Black Double Wall-Hung Vanity & Basin adds practical storage and the warm honey tones of wood. 

  • Space 

Are you choosing a basin for your bathroom, kitchen or utility room? Choose a basin that fits and complements your space. 

  • Style 

Do you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, or a grand, sumptuous look? Whatever your preference, we’ll have a basin you’ll like! For instance, the modern design of our white gloss Dell'Acqua basin is timeless and stylish. Our undermount Pembroke is classically elegant and our Arco Black Wall Hung Vanity & Basin will add a dramatic touch to any bathroom. 

  • Tap Hole 

Our basins come with varying tap hole designs to accommodate whatever type or style of tap you choose. 




Purchase Basins with Italtile 


What makes Italtile basins unique is the broad range of styles, the quality craftsmanship, and the use of premium materials. Our stylish products ensure you the best choice of bathroom basins, taps and fixtures. Italtile’s wide variety of basins for sale in South Africa also ensures that buying a basin from Italtile is a hassle-free process.  


You can explore at your leisure and order online. With design tools like our visualizer, you can experiment with various basin styles and see how they complement your style. So, create your perfect bathroom with Italtile – where quality meets style!