Our Sensational Suppliers

May 31, 2021

Creating Exclusive Beauty For Your Eyes Only.

Let’s start with a quiz. What’s your most fave item instore? Our magnificent marbles? Our wonderful woods? Or our uber-moody screeds? Perhaps it’s that industrial oxidised metal look? Or maybe those gorgeous little bits of brilliance in our mosaic collection? No? Maybe our patchwork portfolio? A heated towel rail you’re crushing on? A deeply delicious matt black bath mixer? Those fragranite sinks, maybe? Whatever flicks your on-switch, it’s a range or a single beautiful item that we’re able to offer you as an exclusive; custom-made for your eyes only by our sensational suppliers.

Program one

Since our doors opened for business over 50 years ago, we’ve worked hard at two things: forging strong bonds with our peerless suppliers, and bringing you the best for beautiful living. Of course, they go hand in hand. Because of our long term relationships, we’ve got dibs on style that’s made exclusively for Italtile. You’ve won’t find it anywhere else. Take for example the Jeeves heated towel rail everyone’s got heart eyes for: the super-duper Alto. Originally a one-off for a client, and now a limited edition for Italstylistas. How beautiful is that? So let’s tell you a bit more about our friends over at Jeeves.

Jeeves and The World’s Most Famous Heated Towel Rails.

Some of the swankiest bathrooms in the world (UK, Europe and the USA) boast a beautiful Jeeves heated towel rail... designed and made right here in the R of SA since 1995. And because these toasty beauties are destined for the overseas market, they’ve been tested and accredited by both local and international quality and safety standards.


Jeeves’ visionary MD Mark Bennett will tell you that apart from their luxe looks, they’re also energy efficient (using only as much as the power of a single light bulb), made from 100% recyclable, locally sourced stainless steel, and they also stop the build-up of mould on wet towels. Two energy saving options are available: intelligent Automatic Heating Technology (how smart is that?), and the eco-friendly Hydronic Installation, where the rails are heated by your recirculating water system.

Currently, the Jeeves Sienna – another Italtile exclusive – is on promo. With the cold fronts coming hitting hard, there’s never been a better time to invest in toasty towels. Shop the Sienna.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino and EcoQuality.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino and Italtile go back a long way, to 1969 and the very beginning of us. Undisputed Italian tile masters, theirs is a brand aesthetic that resonates so strongly with our understanding of the art of living beautifully. CEO Filippo Manuzzi believes that mindfulness lies at the heart of true beauty. At Ceramica Sant’Agostino, the word for mindfulness is EcoQuality.

Sant’Agostino has always been a family-run business infused with true Italian passion for both tradition and innovation. You just have to take one look at their reclaimed wood looks, like ColorArt, or their brilliant remastering of terrazzo in NewDeco, to see the fusion of artisan craftsmanship and incredible technology.

New Deco

Many décor destinations will offer you a version of terrazzo, but only Italtile brings you NewDeco.

Global Stone and Recycled Glass Mosaics.

Global Stone is one of SA’s foremost creators and distributors of natural stone cladding and mosaics, and they’ve been making ethical, sustainable magic since 2005. All the million little bits of beautiful in our wide range of mosaics and mini mosaics? Global Stone created them, in line with our liveGreen ethos. The glass used is 100% recycled, which means less fodder for landfills. View their pretty faces and beautiful hearts here.

Cotto. Eco Chic Thai Design.

For the last ten years, we’ve been proudly partnered with Cotto, the drivers of water-saving sanware technology. The Cotto studios are renowned for their delicate, artisanal craftsmanship and high production values. Many South African loos will chow their way through up to 12 litres of water per flush, which accounts for up to 40% of a household’s water use. But Cotto’s Simply Modish toilet has been engineered to use between 3 and 4.5 litres of water per flush.

Franke Fabulosity.

Franke, with headquarters in Switzerland, have been refining precision ‘home service systems’ for over 100 years, always applying innovative engineering and outstanding design. We’re proud to offer you a curated selection of their ‘sinkspiration’. These guys are the wizards who developed Fragranite, the unique material used to make their gorgeous sinks. There’s an awful lot of very complicated tech in these lovelies, so suffice it to say that a Franke Fragranite Sink - apart from looking totally top notch and uber minimalist – offers an incredible surface that delivers durability and bacteria prevention, as well as a high heat tolerance.


Tivoli Tapology.

A tap is a tap is a tap, right? Wrong. Sink mixers, basin mixers and the luxury twiddly bits in our showers are a world away from the brassware our parents used. Tivoli – as Italian as their name – are pioneers in future-facing tap technology. We stock an incredible range, offering every possible, conceivable style, from stainless steel to matt black coatings to brushed brass. From traditional classics to contemporary cool to futuristic post modernism. Every one of our Tivoli Taps comes with a 15-year guarantee and reliable after sales service.

Atlas Concorde. The Nature Reimagineers.

The Atlas Concorde studios in Milan have long been a space where nature, imagination and possibility mingle freely together. Here, the Atlas Concorde designers closely examine the play of time, weather, light and shade on natural surfaces. Their inspiration is then captured, sustainably, through extraordinary technology, in porcelain tiles.

We’re forever in love with their mighty XXL stone-look slabs, their powerful screeds, authentic wood and super-natural marble looks, and now we’re bursting with pride to unpack their best-ever creation. Exence. Breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. Extraordinary. Actually, none of these words properly describe this exceptional wood-look range that captures the very essence of noble Italian oak in all its gentle, honeyed glory. This is the wood look you never thought possible. But don’t take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.


Love Laufen. Love Swissness.

The story of Laufen lives in the realms of high design, award-winning conceptual thinking, breakthrough technology (with their unique SaphirKeramikTM compound) and, well, Swissness. Our long association with Laufen has introduced us to the work of some of the world’s most awarded designers, and we are forever proud to represent their trendsetting style.

For example, there’s the wizardry of design duo Ludovico+Roberto Palomba, based in Milan, who collaborate with some of the most prestigious brands on the planet. And who, by the way, are still seeing their designs from as far back as 1994 go into production! Their impeccable style has been showcased in residential and commercial architecture, interiors and the yachting world. And in ceramicware lines for Laufen.

Feast your eyes on their avant-garde Kartell range. Yes. We know. And then, once you’ve recovered your senses, they’ll be knocked sideways again by the Palomba range, more fresh out-of-the-box beauty exclusive to Italtile. Organic in form, this next-level loveliness was inspired by pebbles softened by the eternal movement of the sea, and the shape of irregular puddles formed by rain. Quite honestly, this is bathroom design you have never experienced before. Workable works of art.


#lovelocal with Gryphon.

Even if COVID hadn’t happened, bringing with it the urgent need to buy local and pump up an economy run flat by lockdown, we would still be singing the song of local loveliness. In fact, our mother company invested in the Ceramic Industries group of companies many years ago to ensure that a good percentage of our luxury style is designed and made right here. The Gryphon factory is one of our sister companies, and they produce our local tile ranges: one of which is our Ampezzo wood-look tile with that weathered beach house vibe. Both Ampezzo Natural and Ampezzo Whitewashed are on promo right now, for only R249 per sqm. All their ranges showcase global trends with local appeal, and offer excellent value for money, with superb quality and rigorously green manufacturing processes. Check out our Proudly South African ranges: (link)


German precision. It’s a thing. Just take a look at our exceptional Zack accessory range for proof. Zack has been designing and creating specialised stainless steel bathroom and lifestyle accessories for the European market since 1985. Some time ago, our good friends over at Jeeves identified Zack as a well-established and reputable company to add to their offering. Now, Jeeves promotes and distributes around 500 beautiful living products across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (think Seychelles luxe beachside retreats)... and to us!

If you follow your style, the road will take you to Zack. Modern sophistication, European style, German precision. And best of all, the sleek Zack Atore range is on promo right now.

If you’re forever on the hunt for the rare, the special, that limited edition item, a one-off, here’s where it’s at.


Trust Italtile to bringing you the very best for beautiful living.

Yours, exclusively.