Outdoor Wall Tiles: Transforming Your Exterior with Style

March 15, 2024

In outdoor-loving South Africa, just imagine welcoming your friends in a stunning outdoor space that just shouts your unique style and excellent taste! That's the magic that choosing the right outdoor wall tiles design, for your exterior walls and patio can create.  

In this blog, we'll explore Italtile's extensive range of outdoor wall tiles in South Africa. We’ll show you why tiling your outside walls is about more than just adding intriguing textures and dimensions to your outside space, but that tiling will also insulate, waterproof and protect your home in South Africa’s harsh climate. This makes using outdoor tiles a clever choice in external wall finishes, transforming the exterior of your house with style, beauty and functionality. 


Aesthetics and Visual Appeal  

Using outdoor tiles will enhance the curb appeal of your home and make a positive first impression. Outdoor tiles add aesthetic value to your home and boosts your property's overall value. It coordinates the architectural style of your home with its surrounding elements, to create a harmonious and striking design.  

For instance, our Gobi Sand Natural Stone cladding will give your exterior walls a really striking look, whilst also protecting your walls for years to come. Our Morrocotto Baby Blue ceramic brick tile wall cladding, also available in a wide variety of other stunning colours, will give a whole new meaning to that expensive and sophisticated face-brick look you've always wanted.   

Why Use Tiles for an External Wall Finish? 

As said, using Itatile wall tiles as an external wall finish will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property, and make it more attractive in the real estate market. By complementing the architectural style of your home and creating a harmonious and integrated design, your home will also add to the beauty of the neighbourhood.  

Our wall tiles for sale will also ensure your home blends well with its surrounding environment. For instance, is your house built against a stone koppie? Our Roccia Crema Natural Stone cladding will integrate your house stylishly with its surroundings.   


Functional Advantages of Using Outdoor Wall Tiles 

However, our durable outdoor wall tiles won’t just improve the look of your house; they also offer real practical benefits by protecting your home from weather occurrences like storms and the harsh South African climate. They’re all designed to withstand rain and moisture and provide durability in extreme conditions. Furthermore, our outdoor wall tiles contribute to your home's insulation and thermal regulation, saving on your heating and cooling costs.   


The Impact of Wall Tile Style on Outdoor Spaces 

The style elements of our outdoor wall tiles will dramatically transform the ambiance of your outdoor space. Our wide selection of outdoor tiles ensures you have access to different colours, patterns, textures, and tile sizes.  

Our tiles range from neutral tones that offer a relaxed and timeless ambience, to strong colours that will make a bold, eye-catching statement. Our designs range from geometric patterns to tiles that perfectly mimic natural colours and textures 

Our tiles also come in different shapes and sizes that you can use to good effect, like mosaic tile accents and large format tiles for a sleeker and more modern look. Our outdoor tiles will make your home more attractive, inviting and welcoming, whilst also protecting your exterior walls for many years.   


Which tiles are best for outdoor walls? 

The best tiles for outdoor walls are those that are durable, weather-resistant, and able to withstand the harsh South African weather and climate. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices due to their strength and low water absorption rates.  

Natural stone tiles, like slate or granite, are also suitable for their durability and unique appearance. When selecting tiles, consider factors like frost resistance, slip resistance (especially in wet outdoor conditions), and the ability to withstand sunlight without fading.  

How to tile an outdoor wall? 

The most important part is preparing the wall properly. This includes thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, grease, or loose material. Any cracks or damage to the wall must be repaired, and the surface must be levelled. After this the correct waterproofing, primers and adhesives should be used to ensure a top-notch tile installation project. Our consultants will advise you closely on all these details.   
In conclusion, we want to emphasise the transformative power of our outdoor wall tiles for sale! Not only will they enhance the curb appeal of your house, they'll also boost your property value. Our wide selection of outdoor tiles wall design ensures there's a perfect tile match for your outdoor setting. However, we do understand that the variety of choices can be a bit daunting, so our consultants are on hand to guide you through the whole process, ensuring an easy, informed and hassle-free selection process for your outdoor tile needs.