Traffic Light initiative Peter Place

December 7, 2023


Ever-escalating blackouts and loadshedding woes have plagued the roads of Johannesburg with endless traffic light outages, causing dangerous intersections; not only bringing busy arterials to a standstill, but also upping the blood pressure of commuters everywhere, every day.

The staff of Italtile’s Bryanston showroom, situated on the corner of Winnie Mandela Drive and Peter Place, had witnessed almost daily traffic jams and, like the irate drivers, believed enough was enough. Something had to be done. In line with Italtile and The Italtile Group’s ethos of mindfulness – working to bring Beautiful Living to the communities in which Italtile operates – Italtile joined arms with JRA, involving a generator in a linkup, to share power with the people of Johannesburg; a solution designed to keep the traffic lights on for everyone during loadshedding.

The idea of sponsoring the traffic lights at the corner of Winne Mandela Drive and Peter Place Bryanston finally got the green light in July 2023, when Italtile partnered with the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) which just launched its Traffic Signal Backup Power Initiative (TSBPI). To make the support system work as planned, the JRA redesigned the signal wiring of various intersections and upgraded the infrastructure to ensure that all private company backup power kicks in with no interruptions when the electricity goes out.

And so earthworks began outside Italtile Bryanston, to create the linkup of the traffic lights with Italtile Bryanston’s own backup power grid. Today, thanks to free power from Italtile Bryanston’s backup generator, the traffic can flow unhindered, 24/7, 365.

Unpack Italtile’s positioning of Beautiful Living and you’ll find a great deal more than just gorgeous tiles, taps, sanware and bathroom furniture. On the mindful journey you’ll discover a LiveGreen philosophy that enables Italtile and clients to walk a greener path. You’ll also uncover vulnerable flora and fauna receiving careful attention. And, in the face of an uncertain future, there is a whole lot of active citizenship at play every day, targeted at uplifting the communities in which Italtile operates. The 24/7 Traffic Light Project was a wonderful opportunity for Italtile to interrogate the true meaning of Beautiful Living once again, and make a real difference, day and night, by sharing the love (and power) with every driver passing by the showroom.

So far, an estimated 37 businesses operating along the city’s main arterials have signed up, and more are eager to create partnerships and become part of Johannesburg’s desperately needed support system.

Many hands make light work!