Investing in a Bathroom Renovation.

January 8, 2024





A home with beautifully appointed, impeccably fitted bathrooms is a Very Attractive Prospect to discerning house hunters out there. (Oh, and let’s not forget the joy of opening a downstairs door and walking into a jewel box of a guest loo. What a bonus!) believes that bathrooms can really give sellers the best boost in value and they’re one of the key spaces in the home where renovation costs can be best recouped. They go so far as to suggest you should make back around 65% to 75% of the bathroom remodelling costs ... And around 65% of the costs of adding on a full bathroom.

The property specialists all agree, from and to and – whether you’re looking to flip a fixer-upper, sell your own home or investigating a long-term investment, a bathroom renovation should be a priority.

Invest in the best. Right. So, a bathroom reno is on the cards. Here’s a little advice from Italtile. To ensure the value of your renovation holds, invest in the best quality your money can buy. At all costs, avoid ‘fast fashion’. Choose items of timeless elegance rather than pieces that represent a passing fad. At Italtile, we call these items “investment pieces” ... absolutely top-notch baths, basins, showerheads, sanware, tiles, storage systems and brassware, crafted to offer lasting beauty, backed by iron-clad guarantees and warranties, supported by after sales service.

Before you begin. The roadmap to a successful bathroom reno that’s both aesthetically pleasing and financially rewarding begins with an assessment and priority list:

Layout and flow: Does the space feel cramped? Can the bath/shower/WC arrangement be optimised for better accessibility and use? Prioritise improvements that maximize square footage and functionality.

Fixtures and fittings: Leaky taps? Cracked tiles? Replace outdated pieces with modern, efficient, and durable options. Consider water-saving technologies for taps and toilets.

Storage and organisation: Clutter chaos can kill value. Built-in cabinets, sleek vanities, and clever shelving solutions add both functionality and visual appeal.

Lighting and ventilation: Good lighting enhances the space and mood, while proper ventilation prevents moisture build-up and mould. Incorporate natural light if possible, and don't underestimate the power of dimmers and stylish bathroom-specific fixtures.

Turn your bathroom into a spa-style sanctuary. Thanks to COVID, and the days when we had to rely on our homes to provide the comfort and luxury we longed for, but which was out of our reach for two years ... the cocooning aesthetic was born, and bathrooms started transforming into spa-style sanctuaries offering delicious solitude and refuge from the crazy world out there. Eco-chic Italtile style is all about creating those ritzy 5-star experiences at home.

Waterwise upgrades. Water scarcity is becoming as much of a worry as loadshedding. Installing water-saving toilets, taps and showerheads can be a major selling point and save you money on utility bills. Sustainability is the name of the game at Italtile and is central to our eco-chic ethos which we call LiveGreen.

Italtile stocks exclusive ranges of beautifully mindful bathroom products. Take a look at our sumptuous V&A Baths, designed to keep the hot water hotter for longer. Then browse our enormous selection of Tivoli Taps, all manufactured to slow the flow.

(And beyond saving water, your Tivoli Tap is helping to protect endangered sharks. We donate R2 from every Tivoli purchase to our SharkWise Project which helps fund the shark conservation work of SharkSafe Barrier developer Dr Sara Andreotti) 

Investigate our Tivoli Torino 74 Concealed Cistern that features a delayed inlet valve – a water warrior that’ll save you up to 730 litres a year.

Eco-chic additions. Our Cotto Sanware ranges offer Thai-style elegance and impeccable green cred. And our ultra-exclusive, designer Laufen Mastercraft Collection brings home award-winning, artisan-crafted and hand-finished sanware style – more art installation than sanware. Richly storied pieces of investment art that are designed to transform your home into the most wantable property on the block.

Our stunning Almar shower heads are equally sustainable. For example, our exclusive Almar Beam Shower Head Range, which reinvents the traditional shower experience into an enveloping feeling called Velvet Rain. Steady, comforting, gentle, while still effectively sluicing off soap, shampoo and body scrubs.

Let’s not forget to add Italtile’s eco-chic local and imported Porcelain Tiles  (matt and slip-resistant) and sustainably built Spanish Vanities to the list of reno must-haves.

Smart upgrades. The Smart Home is old news already, but what you’ve probs not heard about, yet, is The Smart Loo. Enter our Laufen Cleanet Navia, operated by an app on your phone. A Jeeves Heated Towel Rail adds a luxe touch and uses less energy than a lightbulb. Practical luxury is the key to bathroom bliss and increases not just joy, but also resale value. Then there’s The Smart Mirror. The Affirmations Sound and Vision Bluetooth MirrorAnother paradigm-shifting piece of 4IR design and technology for the smart home, with a reflective surface that features dimmable LEDs, Bluetooth phone connectivity, high quality sound, temperature and time display, touch function, soundtrack skipping and volume control. Oh, and an energy-efficient demister.

Planning. Going from ordinary to oasis takes planning and double helpings of wisdom. There is pain along the way, we’re not going to pretend it’s all live, love, laugh on the reno road. Set a budget and stick to it. Get quotes from reputable contractors and interior designers. Don’t be afraid to DIY simple upgrades if you’ve had experience in these areas. However, we do advise the majority of our customers to DDIY (Don’t DIY!) and leave the complex work to trained, experienced professionals. Prioritise quality over quantity when choosing fixtures and finishes. Focus on timeless interior design elements that won’t date. We’re the Quiet Luxury people ... so you’ve come to the right place for advice when it comes to hush-hush lush and sophisticated spaces featuring layers of neutral tone and texture.

Pain Relief. It’s crucial. A renovation is messy, noisy, life-altering and aggravating; you’re also dealing with life, work and children. The conditions for calm waters are hopelessly sub-optimal. May we respectfully suggest you speak to us about our Professional Residential Agent Service. This is a free, dedicated, end-to-end service we offer all our Italtile customers (no hidden costs) to assist you with your build or reno so you can concentrate on keeping it together at work and at home through a very trying time. Our Residential Agents are design-certified, with deep product knowledge and a great deal of experience in planning, processes and project managing. You get the benefit of both practical and creative advice. Room renders, with the focus on bathroom renders, mood board compilation, appropriate product selection for the style you have in mind, colour ideas, sample tiles, etc.

Have a look at our completed residential projects that benefitted from the Italtile Residential Agent touch (one property sold 30 days after being listed!)

Now go forth, reno beautifully and be financially fruitful!