Italtile’s on-trend new Affirmations Black Beauty Easel Mirror

July 7, 2023

Designed in South Africa and enhanced with Pilkington’s peerless Optimirror glass.

One of the top trends in home decorating in 2023 is the oversized mirror, a beautiful way to enlarge and lighten up any living space optically. A large-scale mirror will also elevate a space that needs a quick refresh.

Italtile’s new statement Affirmations Black Beauty Easel Mirror ticks all these boxes, and, stylistically, with its contemporary black frame, is a clever reimagining of the classic wood-framed floor standing mirror.

Whether mounted on a vanity or standing proud on the floor, the Black Beauty Easel Mirror fuses highly decorative grand romanticism with practicality to both integrate with, and elevate, the existing décor in a bedroom space or dressing room. Its 1600mm x 1600mm dimensions enable a full length, head-to-toe view of the owner’s outfit.

Optimirror has been developed to offer excellent levels of protection to the reflective silver layer without the need for copper and lead used in conventional mirror manufacture. (Lead-free top coat and less than 0.5% lead in the wet basecoat.)

Optimirror delivers peerless clarity and superior light reflection of 94% on 4mm thickness. It is also resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion. This higher corrosion resistance also means better levels of protection against chemical action from cleaners and adhesives than you’d get from conventional copper mirrors.

The Affirmations Black Beauty Easel Mirror is made in South Africa, incorporating UK-made Pilkington Optimirror glass, which is manufactured to exceed all standard durability tests for the European Standard EN 1036.

All Pilkington glass is environmentally friendly, created with less waste during manufacture. The process also ensures an efficient end of life stage with easier onward recycling.

The Black Beauty Easel Mirror by Affirmations is exclusive to Italtile and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen logo.