Italtile's Top Ten Tips When Purchasing Taps

October 13, 2022

Tap into over half a decade of experience

Of course, we’re not talking about mastering the intricacies of tap dancing here, but we do acknowledge that selecting sink, bath, shower or basin mixers and taps can keep you on your toes! We’ve learnt a few things about taps in our time and have put together a checklist to guide you through your next bathroom tap purchase. Tapology 101, if you like.

We’ve always believed that when it comes to pulling a room together, it’s the details that really work the magic. The big bathroom showpieces – the Bath, the Basin, the WC and the Showerstall – are certainly statement-makers but tapware can also create focal points. Especially when you consider the high design, tech and style of contemporary tap collections.

There are literally thousands of different shapes sizes, styles and finishes to bedazzle and boggle your style-loving eyes. Guidance is needed, so soak up our top ten tap tips.

#1 Know your water pressure

Before you even begin to cast your eyes over our tap ranges, we suggest you do some homework to find out your home’s water pressure, so that we can help you select the tap that will operate optimally. (We advise you to get the help of a good plumber for this step.) If you have a gravity-fed water system your water pressure will be low. Most single lever mixers, floor-standing and wall-mounted taps require high pressure to function properly. Taps with two handles and pillar taps can operate well with lower pressure.

While a low-pressure tap will work well with high pressure ... a high-pressure tap in a low-pressure system will slow the water flow radically. So, if you’re running a bath, it will take A Very Long Time. By the time your bath is filled to the level you like, it will have lost considerable heat. Which means turfing litres and litres of tepid water and filling up with more hot water. Very wasteful of both time and water. We’ll know which taps to direct you to when we know your water pressure.

#2 Work with your homestyle. Are you renovating or starting from scratch?

If you are contemplating a complete redo, you have the freedom of choosing your style before you begin. If you’re remodelling within an existing space you’ll need to stay true to the aesthetic, which will channel your tap search into a particular style – classic, urban or modern.

#3 Check your tap holes.

Tap style is dependant upon the sanware you choose. So – whether it’s a bath, bidet or basin – take careful note of the number of tap holes. Many traditional sinks and basins come with 2 holes (sometimes 3), in which case you can look at separate hot and cold pillar taps or hot and cold handles plus a pillar spout. Modern sinks are often manufactured with 1 hole, in which case you’ll need a monomixer. If you have an acrylic bath, holes can be drilled. If your bath is stone resin, steel or cast iron... that’s a no drill zone and you’re limited to taps that match the hole provided. No hole? Floor standing or wall mounted options are available.

#4 Ceramic discs vs rubber washers.

Taps with ceramic discs are a great deal more resilient to wear and tear than traditional rubber washers They also need only a ¾ twist to go from ‘off’ to ‘on’.

 #5 Be waterwise.

By now, you’ll know our stance on sustainability. (If not, and you’re new to our blog, take a read about our LiveGreen ethos) Italtile’s tap collection is waterwise, manufactured by tap specialists who go with our eco-chic flow. All our Tivoli taps are crafted with precision and passion (backed by a 150-year guarantee), with impressively waterwise hearts.

#6 The perfect finish.

The ultimate tap is the one that stands the test of time. You’ll see our feelings below about what lies underneath (brass/steel). But what’s on top – the coating – will give you the colour cue your moodboard needs.  Matt Black, like our Tivoli Gadoni or beyond sexy Program One. Mirror-polished chrome, like our elegant Nobili Sofi. Gold, like our glam Verona, is a nod to the return of Hollywood Regency opulence. Brushed bronze, like our Tivoli Roma Elite range.

#7 A heart of brass. Or steel.

Solid brass or stainless steel taps are the best, most durable anti-corrosive choices for areas with hard water. Hard water is water with a high mineral content, especially magnesium and calcium. While this type of water has mild health benefits, it can be problematic for your water delivery system.

#8 3-piece and 2-piece taps.

If you’re looking for a more classic look, and your sanware is accommodating, you’ll rock a 3-piece or a 2-piece set. Tivoli Lira Wall Mounted Taps and Spout = the classic trifecta. Verona Matt Gold Wall Type Basin Mixer gives you a glam take on a 2-piece, with a separate spout and lever.

#9 The all-in-one mixer.

Italtile offers a range of different one-piece water delivery systems. Like levers? How about our Tivoli Caserta basin mixer. Adore handles? You’re trad at heart and you’ll adore our Tivoli Roma with swivel spout, or the more edgy Tivoli Lira.

#10 Special needs taps.

Some situations require higher-than-usual levels of hygiene. Others require taps for folk with limited hand mobility. Our partnership with Idral – pioneers in the field of Hygienic Design – enables us to offer our Italstylistas a range of waterwise systems that are ultra-hygienic. Advanced electronic controls make for future-facing, mindful products which are the choice of hospitals and medical care facilities.

Of course, there’s only so much we can tell you in a blogpost. There’s so much more to soak up. Visit a showroom near you, bring all your vital tap statistics, and chat to a sales consultant. By the time you select your water delivery system you’ll be an amateur tapologist!