Trends | Bold Colour

March 14, 2024


Colour – whether a small gemlike flash here and there, or a whole wallscape – has always had a foot in the door. So, no surprises to see colour continuing to dominate the 2024 trend lists. What’s different, this year, though, is the ‘attitude’. Our interior design maven Melanie Ewing of Chapters Interiors has been charting a fresh new mood, swinging toward bigger, brighter, more confident choices. In short, Bold Colour. Whether your tastes tend toward classic interpretations, wit and joviality, clean-cut simplicity or eclectic, nostalgic vintage, you can invest confidently in colour at Italtile. Vibrant, saturated tints, hues and shades, or, for the adventurous, edgy colour combinations. Even in minimalist spaces.

Favoured colours. We’re seeing big blues of every description. Masses of cobalt and indigo. Deep purple, with plums and aubergines in profusion, favouring a black or deep red undertone to keep ‘em warm and welcoming, rather than royal family snooty. If blue is you, look at our Portofino Porcelain Tile 200 x 200. If plum is your kind of yum, we reckon you’ll love Piccolo City Deep Purple Gloss Ceramic Tile 100 x 100.

(Actually, our Piccolo Collection offers just about every colour under the sun, a one-stop colour shop! Pick one Piccolo... or mix them up and create a splashy story.)

Greens are go, from deep forest to emerald, to herbal sages. Here we need to mention our Fern Herringbone Glazed Porcelain Sheets. You’ll see a lot of action in the blue-green category: the ‘sea meets sky’ arena. We’re talking jade, celadon, turquoise, azure, teal. Our immensely popular little Micro Teal Enviro-Glass Mosaics will bubble your troubles away. And our super-textural Wynn Marine Ceramic Glazed Wall Tile will bring oceans of KitKat charm.

If you’re still attached to your bouclé beige living room theme, take it up a notch with tan, camel, chocolate, mushroom, sahara sand, oxidised copper and one of the big stories this year – raw honey and amber. They’re all second cousins of the beige family, after all. Just, well, sexier. Inviting, carefree and energetic. Get that honeyed vibe with Retro Patchwork Matt Glazed EcoTec Porcelain Tile. Or take it to the limit with our DripArt Copper Rectified Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile and prepare to faint with joy.

If your kitchen dreams remain in the realms of grey and white (although we’re noting this aesthetic fading away in favour of bolder palettes) why not look at a cheerful splashback to pop through the extreme calm. Something like Corice Patchwork Matt Ceramic Tile 200 x 200. Or our all-time bestseller, Pavimento Centro Florentine 200 x 200. We fully understand the need for a safe, neutral canvas, but let’s channel some vivacious energy, even if it’s with some lush indoor herb pots, or zesty citrus tea cloths, with matching table mats and linen napkins on your kitchen table or island.

Talking of chocolate, brown is back. Rich, mysterious, incredibly sophisticated and chic. Our Montecoto Marron Rectified Polished Glazed Porcelain will take you there.

Reds are back, only rustier and earthier. And hallo yellow ... from sunny side up egg to moody ochre and saffron. See our Autumn Fairy Speckled Sunflower Gloss Mosaics.

Colour combos. Hit the décor adventure trail. Don’t be afraid of colour on colour. Sunlit yellow loves orange and bright green. Think stripes, florals and botanicals.

Or your choice of yellow with matt black accents. Gorgeous. You might go for the ultimate Schiaparelli colour combo of hot pink with orange. A passionate love affair with vibrant harmony. Then there’s chocolate and a paler blue. Turquoise and coral. Black and white will always be happy bed fellows. But you could bring in a daring threesome with pink. The only limit is your appetite for adventure. Find yourself a colour wheel online and start playing.

Of course, colour combos come ready-mixed for you at Italtile, with our sensational botanical Wallpaper Print Tiles by Ceramica Sant’Agostino. A feature wall of note just waiting to happen. Or, a small-scale option, in the shape of our darling floral hexagon Caribbean Forest Recycled Glass Inkjet Mosaics. 

The one rule: texture, layering, dimension. Oh... and never go beyond your colour comfort zone for the sake of trend-setting. Who wants to live in a house that creates anxiety? If the colour game gets you too breathless for your liking, #just ask one of our design-certified Italtile sales consultants. Mood boarding and reno advice is the best part of our day and we love to help bring your décor dreams to life, so you can best express your personality and individual taste. If you have a colour query that we can’t answer, we’ll hand it to Melanie Ewing, our Interior Design partner, and we’ll come back to you with her wise suggestions.

Whatever colour or colour combo you choose at Italtile ... it’ll be green. LiveGreen. (Colour us forever sustainable.) Now, go boldly. And live beautifully.