Sant’Agostino Q&A / Cersaie 2023.

November 16, 2023


This year, Cersaie set the scene for all exhibitors under the overarching theme of Route 40: a journey of four decades of evolution in the design and technology of the products and their makers who have made history at Cersaie, that opens the door to the future. The exciting takeout for all is the central belief that the future will focus not on individual glory but becomes a point of convergence for thought, action, knowledge and vision.

As our esteemed partners Ceramica Sant’Agostino see it, in terms of the built environment, this means the convergence between space and the building’s volume, between interior and exterior, and above all, the shared vision of like minds. This is most beautifully seen in Sant’Agostino’s launch at Cersaie 23 of their collaboration with award-winning design consortium Kartell. More about this below:

Q: Sant’Agostino consistently presents an exceptional booth at Cersaie. Give us your personal thoughts on your exhibition space and the new thinking you brought to the show this year.

A: Let’s begin by showing our respect and appreciation to Kartell for their collaboration. Commitment to sustainable production is the theme that unites our two companies, along with the values of family, history, creativity, innovation and research and development. Sant’Agostino porcelain stoneware coverings adorning Kartell furnishings. A total reimagining of interior spaces. In terms of the exhibition pavilion we conceptualised, it was all about creating a gallery or museum atmosphere, with these revolutionary collab products displayed to their best advantage in niches.

Then of course, while not new for us at Cersaie, but greater in intensity than ever before, we showcased our embrace of nature with the presence of green areas. This of course is a direct link to our Sant’Agostino approach to design – the investigation of how nature in everyday life simply makes everything beautiful. We see our task as bringing about the fusion that dissolves the boundaries between self, personal space and the beauty of the natural world. Creating connection with tactile surfaces that speak of natural inspiration and also their deeply sustainable journey into being in our factories. Our new collections are redefining home spaces for the simple beauty of everyday life. And our pavilion was the invitation to enter that world. The design algorithm: DAILY NATURE, BEAUTIFUL LIFE/ DAILY LIFE, BEAUTIFUL NATURE.

Q: Was there a specific Sant’Agostino range that captured your imagination this Year?

A: Our DUO and PIXEL ranges. DUO is a playful collection that examines the dynamic tension between clay and cement, in a variety of sizes and colours, with PIXEL being the miniaturised version of the large format DUO idea.

Q: Was there a specific Sant’Agostino range that received exceptional attention and feedback from attendees?

A: There was great noise around the impressive display of our EXTRA concept: Expanded Beauty. A collection in a massive 120 x 289 size, incorporating our most iconic looks in marble, stone and cement for the sheer pleasure of creating breathless awe! It’s a format that enhances their aesthetic value.

Q: What overall tile trends did you notice at Cersaie this year that you feel will get traction in all the international markets?

A: Without doubt those products with a ‘very real appearance’. Particularly products that have their origins in nature that are imaginatively interpreted. We see a big future for Travertine effects as well as all the stone looks including the onyx-style marbles.  

Q: What colours do you feel will be trending over the next two years or so, that we will see filtering through into tiles?

A: The big story will be neutral shades on large formats. Then, conversely, vibrant colours for small sizes. And then, the flexibility of mixing and matching these two genres.

Cersaie 23 may have come and gone, but Sant’Agostino’s inspiration remains, and at Italtile, you’ll be able to get the feel for both small size brights and large size neutrals. Have a look at our exclusive, eco-chic range of Sant’Agostino’s VITA SOLE MIX LUC, 200 x 200 majolica-style porcelain patterned tiles that speak of mediterranean summer. Then find out more about Sant’Agostino’s award-winning large format, inside/outside 600 x 1200 FORM CEMENT range, exclusive to Italtile. Super-sustainable, with a unique approach to the traditional cement look: exposed raw concrete that carries the marks of wooden framework used in construction. Read more: