Finding The Franke Sink That’s Right For You

June 27, 2022

Some side-by-side “sinkspiration”.

Swiss-based Franke is a world-leading kitchen and bathroom-centred design and manufacture specialists, with centres around the world. Their designers and engineers have developed state-of-the-art solutions for homes and businesses since 1911 and have earned Franke the epithet of “everything but ordinary”. Innovative design and engineering are built into the DNA of every Franke product, as is a rigorous approach to sustainability.

Here in South Africa, Franke and Italtile have been partners for decades and we’re thrilled to offer our Italstylistas a carefully curated collection of exclusive Franke sinks – in stainless steel, Fragranite and their new Tectonite finish. All of them fly Italtile’s Proudly LiveGreen flag.

We’ve chosen to compare and contrast the Franke Grace, a stainless steel sink set, with three of Franke’s coated sinks – the Franke Basis and the Franke Maris, both  Fragranite sink sets, and our new Franke Orion, a Carbon Tectonite sink set. They are all double bowl sinks with exactly the same proportions, dimensions, and luxurious deep bowls. And they will all complement any contemporary classic or modern kitchen layout.

But which sink is the one for you? Bear in mind, if you’re busy with a kitchen reno or fresh new build, having a set of sink specs, features and benefits handy will be a huge help to you and your builder.


The Grace AMX in Stainless Steel. Manufactured in Italy, the Grace has deep bowls and features an elegant drainer pattern. This luxury sink allows you to choose a left-hand or right-hand drainer, so remember to specify this when placing your order in store or online. Like all Franke sinks, the Grace AMX offers outstanding quality and carries a 25 year warranty.

Basis and Maris. These two beauties are engineered from a patented quartz composite called Fragranite. They both have an attractively speckled look which adds interest as well as a harmonising match with a range of black worktops.

(You could choose to speak to us to customise a set of XXL tiles for a truly unique countertop or reach out to our partners Easy Life Kitchens.)

There’s an awful lot of complicated tech involved in the creation of Fragranite, but suffice it to say that it delivers durability, bacteria prevention and high heat tolerance. Both Basis and Maris offer a 5-year guarantee.

Orion. The newcomer, leading the way with Franke’s unique Carbon Tectonite tech.

Beyond tough as well as beautiful. Beneath the speckled, granite-like looks lurks some incredible, new-generation carbon fibre tech, which makes for a lighter, stronger, more durable sink. The Orion is also greener than its predecessors, being 100% recyclable. The surface is UV protected, so it’s fade-proof. It also protects against bacteria and stubborn stains. But the deal breaker may well be the Orion’s heat resistance – up to 300 degrees centigrade, for 10 seconds. Which means the Orion can take the punishment of searingly hot pots straight from the oven or stovetop. Orion comes with a 5-year guarantee but be sure to follow the maintenance instructions to the letter.



Whichever Franke sink you choose, it will be a major part of your everyday intention in the kitchen: to “make something wonderful”. You can rest assured that you’re investing in over a century of innovation, high design, longevity, sustainability and superb style.


Finally, durability and maintenance. When comparing which of these sinks last longer in tougher conditions, we feel it all boils down to a matter of care. Coloured sinks do show dirt more easily, so will require more routine cleaning. Coloured sinks also show limescale marks in areas with high limescale in the water. Treat your Franke sink with love and care – while these are resilient surfaces, we strongly recommend you do not bring an abrasive cleaner anywhere near them! Simply rinse and wipe clean with a soft, soapy cloth. With the right care, your Franke sink will bring years of pleasure and beautiful living.


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