Blog | Italtile & Water Week Activation with WESSA

March 16, 2023

Italtile, IEDM and CMG take part in WESSA’s 2023 National Water Week initiative in Cosmo City.

Italtile’s sustainable LiveGreen mandate has been responsible for the forging of partnerships with like-minded eco-conscious businesses and sustainability pioneers. It is how we continue to deliver on our commitment to a greener future – for both our customers and the communities and environments in which Italtile operates.

To this end, we are proud to partner with WESSA (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), who regularly include us in their immersive learner education days.

On 14 March 2023, together with WESSA and our marketing partners IEDM and CMG, we spent the day with the learners of Cosmo City West Primary School. Guided by Cindy Cloete of WESSA, we took part in a number of activities, including a thorough clean-up of the river that runs past the school property.

The groups then took part in immersive waterwise mini-tutorials that unpacked the concept of water wheels (for sustainable water collection and local power generation) and introduced us to water turbidity testing (which measures the clarity and sanitary quality of water.)

All the activities were designed by WESSA to honour National Water Week – encouraging children to put water conservation at the heart of their everyday life – thereby collectively #AcceleratingChange (the 2023 National Water Week theme).

In preparation for the day, all the learners of Cosmo City West Primary had worked hard to produce an incredible and deeply moving collection of waterwise art, poetry, drama and music, that was showcased after the activities.

All participants learnt that water is a precious and limited natural resource and that it is our duty as citizens to get involved in the protection of our rivers and water sources. The day’s events were rounded off with a pledge; both children and team leaders made a commitment to conserve water by adjusting their daily habits in small but meaningful ways.

We owe a debt of gratitude to WESSA for partnering with us to empower staff to better drive the organisation’s LiveGreen purpose. We’d also like to offer massive thanks to our marketing partners IEDM and CMG for rolling up their sleeves and going the extra mile to support the day’s clean-up activities.