Safety and Style Combined: The Benefits of Italtile Swimming Pool Coping

August 3, 2023

The shimmering charm of an inviting pool is not only about the lovely clear water inside it - but the surrounds are also vital as well. At Italtile, we understand this, so this idea forms the very essence of our wide range of swimming pool coping for sale in South Africa.  


It’s all about creating that perfect space around your pool – one that immediately evokes leisurely summer days spent relaxing around the pool with family and friends! Our swimming pool coping ensures style, safety, and functionality, creating a seamless whole with your outdoor tiles and overall aesthetic.  


Our swimming pool copings for sale online are priced per meter but come in lengths of up to 2000mm and are customisable to suit your requirements. 


Shop Swimming Pool Coping by Style 


Whether you want a classic look, a touch of nature, or some urban flair, our selection of swimming pool copings covers a range of styles to cater to your unique vision!  


All our copings are made from a very durable mix of resin, marble dust, pigments, sand and oxides. They come in 21 colours ranging through various beige tones, charcoal and grey, and come in matt and gloss finishes. Our Torino Oasis, Venice and Aqua copings come in ribbed, flat, round and square designs and corner pieces are available.  


For timeless, classic appeal, consider our Classic pool copings. Alternatively, if your preference leans towards a more naturalistic look, our Natural pool coping offers seamless integration with the environment. For homeowners that prefer a minimalist design, our Modern pool coping style provides the perfect solution. And finally, our Urban pool coping style offers you a more edgy vibe. 


Benefits of High-Quality Swimming Pool Coping 


  • Safety 

Safety, safety, and yet more safety is paramount in any swimming pool design and finish. The high-quality slip-resistant swimming pool coping will add an extra layer of security, reducing the likelihood of slips and accidents around the pool area. It also provides a hand-friendly edge to grasp while swimming. 


  • Durability 

The durability of our coping ensures that they can withstand constant exposure to water and harsh weather conditions, maintaining their aesthetic appeal year after year. The extensive colour range of our copings allows you to add an attractive edging around your pool that perfectly complements your existing tiles. 


  • Functionality 

The highly functional design of our coping directs splash-out water away from the pool and into the drains. This not only keeps the pool surround drier which increases safety, but it also protects the surrounding tiles. 


For your convenience we’ve highlighted and answered a few commonly asked questions: 


Swimming Pool Coping FAQs 


  • Which coping material is best suited for my pool?  

The choice of coping material depends on your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. Our material comprised of resin, marble dust, pigments, sand and oxides ensure our copings are very durable.  

  • Can coping be installed on existing pools? 

Yes, indeed, but do have it professionally done. Our wide range of colours should ensure our copings will match your existing outdoor tiles. 

  • How often does coping need to be replaced? 

This can vary greatly depending on the material used. Our copings last for many years provided the installation was done well - the substrate was cleaned and levelled, Sikaflex 11 FC adhesive was used to fix the coping and deep seal is applied to protect it. 

  • What are the maintenance requirements for swimming pool coping? 

This will also depend on the material used. Gentle cleaning and sealing will extend the life and look of your pool coping. 


Purchase Swimming Pool Coping with Italtile 


At Italtile, we offer convenient online shopping and a digital platform designed to simplify the process of choosing and buying your swimming pool coping.  


Our design tools empower you to visualise your coping choices and draw and design your area before you buy. Buying from Italtile makes your purchase decision much easier and avoids costly mistakes.  


Make a splash with Italtile’s Swimming Pool Coping - the ultimate blend of aesthetics and practicality!