Italtile's New Nature Inspired Mosaics

March 14, 2024


Italtile stocks a kaleidoscope of mosaic tiles by Global Stone, offering every colour, texture, and shape to suit all interior styles. Global Stone mosaics are made of 100% recycled glass, which makes them green, no matter which colour you choose. If you select mosaics from Italtile’s exciting new 298 x 259 range of on-trend Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets, you’ll be making a sustainable choice that offers many other features and benefits, too.

Colour and texture. New Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets have a magnificent satin finish and the range includes Birch Forest, with its woodland motifs in soft neutral shades of grey, pale green and white; Paradise Forest with an imaginative take on jungle foliage in muted beige, green and brown; and the more flamboyant Caribbean Forest featuring a colour palette of blues, greens, oranges and yellows (just in time for the 2024 Bold Colour trend).

Pattern on pattern. The eye appreciates pattern, which is known for its ‘anti-anxiety’ properties with repetition of forms and shapes. The new Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets score high in this area with both the repetitive pattern of the small hexagons and the botanical motifs.

Biophilic design. Biophilic design takes its cues from the natural world: like wood, stone, floral motifs, and botanical designs, created to increase everyday wellness by bringing a sense of positivity and calm into the built environment. In this instance, the natural world is represented beautifully in the artistic reworking of luxuriant, flora and foliage.

On-trend. The range is a deconstructed expression of the Wallpaper Print Tile Trend, which launched internationally at Cersaie in 2022: a modern translation of highly patterned floral Victorian wallpaper. The range’s eye-catching hexagons play beautifully into the return of the geometric trend. They also hit the current Bold Colour trend. And of course, the nature-inspired motifs with their honeycomb shape are straight out of the massive biophilic mega-trend. (The appealing hexagon shape is also a more flexible tiling solution.)

Sustainability. More a movement gaining traction a fashion moment ... sustainability is today’s watchword in design. The range’s impeccable green credentials put them firmly ahead of the trend. These mosaics keep used glass out of the landfills; the glass is collected, cleaned, melted down and repurposed by machine-pressing shapes out of the molten glass. At the end of their life, the mosaics can be recycled again. One of Italtile’s most eco-friendly building blocks of style!

Advanced technology. The technology involved in the high temperature molten glass process creates new shapes that are hard as stone. With this level of durability, the new Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets are also suitable for light commercial use, rather than just residential use. Advanced inkjet technology is used to apply the pattern and colour.

Specification and Certification. Individual tile sizes are 73mm x 83mm, while a sheet is 298mm x 259mm; you’ll require 13 sheets to make up a square metre. The mosaics are SGS Certified as recycled content as Pre-Consumer Materials in ISO 14021: 2016.

Trends come and go but a few special looks endure, like mosaic tiles, forever in demand to add charm to bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and pools. An investment in Italtile’s high-end, low-maintenance, eco-chic Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets is a wise choice, for a look that will hold its artistic charm for years and add value to your home when the tie comes to sell. The ranges have wide appeal and will suit a variety of interior styles, from classic, to rustic, to urban and contemporary looks.

The new Global Stone Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaic Sheets are exclusive to Italtile and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen logo.