Italtile Adds Florian Ice to Its Forever On Trend Luxe Marble-look Collection

April 10, 2024

Without fail, modern marble looks continue to top the trend lists, in ever more dynamic and exciting iterations. In fact, many designers attest to the fact that marble transcends the ‘trend’ label. It’s an aesthetic all of its own. It speaks everyone’s glamour language and will always be intensely chic. Consequently, Italtile continues to extend its contemporary marble-look collection, from classic Carrara-style looks (much favoured by the ancient Romans), to dramatic interpretations of gemstones, into the fantasy world of ‘dreamscape marble’. Italtile’s latest imported marble-look porcelain tile offers superb high-end graphics and lush looks.

Florian Ice for floors and walls is a simply spectacular large format 800 x 1600 marble look tile inspired by the drama and crystalline majesty of gemstones, with intense swirls reminiscent of raw Prasiolite (grey-green-teal amethyst) and contrasting golden-brown veining. Not a quiet marble look, Florian Ice demands centre stage position in a living space, best layered with harmonising background neutrals and soft, biophilic greens. Florian Ice is a 9.1mm thick rectified tile with a high polish. Italtile always recommends the installation of a dirt trap at entrances with a high polish tile, to minimise the risk of surface scratching over time. Florian Ice has been created with four faces for moderate graphic variance.

Florian Ice is a rectified tile. This means each tile has the exact same precise edge, created by a process of mechanical cutting and precise machining for uniformity. This results in tiles with very consistent dimensions, as each tile is the same size and shape. These reliably straight edges allow for tight grout lines – typically around 1.5 mm or less – which will always give a near seamless finish for a sleek appearance.

Florian Ice is a high-end, ultra-luxurious, imported porcelain tile, and is exclusive to Italtile.