To #diy or #ddiy?*

March 2, 2020

All about installations

To #diy or #ddiy?*

You’ve just purchased a cutting edge Laufen loo. Or invested in one of our divinely decadent tubs. Or a set of jawdropping XXL tiles. Good job. You’ve chosen well, ItalStyler. Now, your next and equally important choice is: DIY, or DDIY? (*That’s Don’t DIY, btw.) Either way, we are your one-stop installation station.

There’s a handful of really handy people out there who have aced a home tiling job or installed a tub without tears. A handful. And to you we say “skip to the bottom of this blogpost for our incredible selection of top quality installation tools and products.”


If you are among the gazillions of people who believe installation is another country and you don’t want to visit even if you had a visa… take heart. There are many reputable professionals out there who are more than qualified to take your installation pain away. The very best of them are contracted to us; our very own OnCall guys, carefully vetted and selected, and all Italtile product trained.


Italtile OnCall Installations Service

When you purchase products from Italtile, you’re investing in high-end design and world-class quality. We truly believe it’s wise to protect your investment in beautiful living by ensuring you hire the very best installation team. Currently, our specialist teams cover Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and have been trained to install our tiles, trims, showers, baths, basins, sanware, sinks and accessories, using our installation tools and products.

Each and every one of them has an impeccable track record, service history and references. Before partnering with a professional, we run background checks (including criminal record screening, ID documentation and certificates). Our installation pricing is competitive, and reflects the high quality of workmanship. In fact, we’re so proud of our teams’’ capabilities that all workmanship comes with a 12 month warranty: the Italtile Installation 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Get your free quotation <> 

For our Do-It-Yourselfies

OK, all you able-bodied, multi-tasking champions (or Italstylers with their own professionals on board), this bit’s for you. We have a full house of installation products specifically designed and developed – in fact, tailormade – for

our Italtile products: adhesive, grout, skirting, edges, cleaning products and tools.

The Pro Grip range: this is an incredibly extensive range of adhesives developed for every possible situation, including tile on tile, porcelain and marble tiles, travertine, stone and glass mosaic, outdoor tiles, and XXL tiles. 

Pro Grip prep products: this includes Pro Grip Keycoat and Basecoat. 

Pro Grip complementary products: this includes Pro Grip Aquaseal and Pro Grip Bonding Liquid.

TFC: a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products to maintain your beautiful tiles and mosaics. Everyday Cleaners, Grout Off After Tiling Cleaner, Degreasers and Neutralisers, and specialist sponges.

Litokol and Pro Grip Grout products: never have you ever seen such a diverse range of grouts and grout cleaners. Gone are the days of grey, black or white grouting. There are as many colours as there are tile tones. Even sparkle grout (think gold grout between classic marble-look tiles – astonishing)! We also stock antibacterial grout. 


Edging: divine lies in the details, so check out our step edges, step edge corners and coping for the perfect finish to your tiling job, indoors or outdoors.

Pro Spin self-levelling spin caps and Pro Max tile spacers: the tools no tiler should be without. Find out how these ingenious inventions work.

Pro Spin

Final words on the topic of installation: Whether you decide to DIY, or DIY-with-your-installation-guy, or DDIY, we’re your one-stop installation station, every step of the way.


May you have a happy ‘install’, y’all, and live beautifully.