Italtile Introduces Exence By Atlas Concorde

May 21, 2021

The Essence of Italian Oak

The marks of the carpenter. The passage of time. These formed the inspiration for EXENCE matt glazed porcelain tiles, another outstanding remastering of nature from master tile designers Atlas Concorde. This time, their focus was on the reimagining of Italian oak, in all its noble simplicity. The Atlas Concorde design studio sought to understand the spirit of beautifully knotted golden grain, as well as the impact of the old craftsmen. The challenge was to stay faithful to nature in the interpretation of oak woodgrain, to enhance the authenticity of unstained, pure oak wood tones, and reveal, in the process, the passage of time on raw, sawn timber.


Only the hand of a master can capture the unique luminosity of the heart of oak. The Atlas Concorde designers have achieved that rare, golden glow, with an authentic, time-worn patina across 48 faces. This means there are 48 individual graphic representations of real hand-finished oak timber, each one subtly different from the other, for ultimate authenticity and integrity. The result is a cosy and welcoming warmth that invites barefoot traffic while still speaking of contemporary elegance.

The launch of Atlas Concorde’s EXENCE is perfectly in tune with the quiet revolution in the rethinking of home and work spaces. With the rise of biophilic design, where indoor environments mimic the great outdoors to improve the quality of our lives and promote holistic wellness, these organically inspired wood-look porcelain tiles are a beautiful way to express a return to nature and all things natural.


EXENCE is a rectified colour-bodied porcelain tile with a 9mm thickness and an R11 rating which allows for heavy foot traffic. Italtile offers both the blonde Almond and golden Amber colourways, in both matt and slip-resistant options, perfect for indoor and outdoor floors and wallscapes. 48 highly varianced faces create an authentic tiled space.

The range also includes a saw cut option and a decorative chevron option. In the saw cut version, we feel a sense of the uneven cuts from a carpenter’s traditional handsaw. Vintage style chevron offers a herringbone installation for a classically elegant floor featuring captivating patterns that create exciting movement.

The EXENCE range of matt and slip resistant oakwood-look porcelain tiles delivers all the advantages of a non-porous surface: stain resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, fire resistance, easy maintenance and unbeatable hygiene – along with environmental sustainability.

The EXENCE collection is exclusive to Italtile, and a proud addition to our extensive portfolio of LiveGreen products. LiveGreen products have each answered a rigorous checklist of sustainability. Italtile’s partnership with Atlas Concorde is a longstanding one, at the centre of which is a shared vision of a carbon neutral future and greener and more sustainable processes.


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