What’s In, What’s Out, What’s Here to Stay.

February 13, 2023

We’d like to kick off our 2023 trend blog post with a piece by a guest writer, who we briefed to write us an intro:

The world of interior design is always changing and evolving, with new trends popping up every year and others fading into the background. As we gear up for 2023, it's exciting to see what's on the horizon. From brand new trends making their debut, to old favourites making a comeback, there's a lot to keep an eye on. And, of course, there are those timeless trends that never seem to go out of style. In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at the top 2023 international interior design trends, including what's brand new, what's on its way out, what's making a comeback, and what's here to stay. Get ready to take notes!”

So. Are you curious to know the identity of our guest writer? Well, it’s none other than the world’s most chatted about AI trend. ChatGPT. Yep. That’s how on-trend we are! While, at this point, we’re not 100% on board with Her/Him/Them, we thought it’d be fun to dip a toe in those AI waters! Now, moving on...

Positive aesthetics. First, a quick curation of the looks and aesthetics that are set to define this year. Overall, we’re noting two distinct aesthetics, both evolving from the world’s need for positive energy. Spa-like Serenity (totally owned by Gwyneth “Goop” Paltrow in her newly kitted out home spa spaces, which we lesser mortals can only dream of!). And fun, decorative expressions of joy and delight (like the collab of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, whose jaunty dots clad the LV Champs-Élysées building, along with a giant 3D model of the Polka Dot Queen herself. Spot on, dare we say.)

Being Authentic. We’re also seeing a refreshing attitude to luxury, which was kickstarted by the majority of the world of women quiet-quitting their stilettos for trainers. (We’ve applauded the brides we’ve seen on TikTok with nifty Pumas beneath their gorgeous frocks.) Relaxed luxe. Approachable glam. Humble chic. It’s a new self-confidence, perhaps, where we don’t have to try too hard anymore to Be Someone. Our (Covid) masks are off, and this is us, baby. Proudly flawed, perfectly imperfect.

LinkedIn is jam-packed with authentic voices speaking their truth, rather than parading their qualifications. We no longer apologise when our toddlers and cats interrupting Zoom calls. We’re thrilled to have a life.

You’ll find this relaxed and authentic attitude in the marble tile universe: these traditionally glamorous surfaces have rolled their sleeves up and are rendering good service on kitchen counters and islands, for example. Chandeliers, once high-end glitz, are now playfully reinvented elements of quirk and fun.

New Colours, New Moods.

The new colours, with Pantone’s Viva Magenta leading the way, alive with positivity. Earthy tones grounding us. Rich contrasts. Pale pastels, the new neutrals. And blues, reds, oranges (a carry-over of 2022’s Dopamine Décor). Hard, cold greys have made way for warmer, softer greiges and ... let’s call it what it is ... beige. Peel away your existing ideas about this gentle colour spectrum – boring, dull, meh – and you’ll see beige for what it is ... encompassing hues as natural as wheat fields in summer, sand dunes and beachscapes, steel cut oats. Packed with well-being. Healthful, soothing and serene.

Totally Trendy.

We’re loving The Laundry Room. In particular, “the jewel-box laundry room”, as San Diego interior designer Tiffani Baumgart calls it ... where glam, ritzy, shimmery surfaces and whimsical finishes are right in there with the top loader, doing the hard work (we spoke about this very phenomenon earlier on). You know what would fit right in here? Our utterly and completely fabulous Shaws of Darwen Shaker Sinks. The very embodiment of humble chic.

We’re putting our hands up big time for The Gathering Spaces. Areas that are designed for conviviality after Covid solitude and separation. Curved shapes are appearing in furniture and architecture, like warm embraces, encouraging us to gather and sit together. With easy-going wash and wear fabrics. Low-maintenance, slip-resistant tiled surfaces. All for a stress-free, more relaxed life with as little drama as possible. So someone dropped red wine or spag bol on the floor? Chill. Especially if you’ve installed the relaxed luxury of an INOUT tile – Glamstone for thrilling flecks, Civic for sun-kissed wood warmth, Rockstone for ‘icefire’ stone sparkle.

The Comeback Kids.

So many lovely ideas have an annual migration back onto the trend lists. Let’s start with Subway Tiles. Are they outdated? Never. Why? Because they just adore being jazzed up and reimagined. Read Why Subway Tiles Are Forever On Trend. This year, you’ll see fabulously exciting new subway colours in our showrooms, like our exquizz, new-look Spanish Subway stunners, appropriately named Vogue.

Then, there’s Brass. Also a very happy return. The golds have had a good run on the trends list, but look for brass reappearing in hardware. From doorknobs to cabinet handles and deluxe taps, brassware is bringing cheery warmth. It always has, if you think about it. From ancient times, to the Art Deco years. Have a gander at our Roma Elite Brushed Bronze Tap Range. Low key luxe. And that’s what 2023 is all about.

What’s new?

Well, we say ‘new’. But as sure as the world keeps turning, old designs and aesthetics get repackaged and re-envisioned by the great imagineers of every era. Chanel, for example, was a superb re-imaginer, incorporating the stretchy knit fabric traditionally used for men’s undies into utterly sensational, figure hugging women’s couture. Hitting the interior design scene like a mighty tidal wave is the arrival of The Wallpaper Print Tile. Taking inspiration from the Victorian era of sprigged, floral wallpaper, and recent forays into gorgeously full-blown botanical wallpaper art, this breathtaking new concept goes ballistic with all the biophilic feels, bringing nature indoors with wild abandon. We’ll be unpacking our own exclusive Wallpaper Print Tiles very soon. Watch. This. Space.

What’s here to stay.

Wood. The most natural of all the naturals. Every wood look under the sun. And not to boast or anything, but Italtile’s Wood Look Collection really hits every note in this most biophilic of all looks. No better way to express your Japandi, Scandi, Beach Cottage, Forest Cabin, Classic, Urban, Modernist, Farmhouse soul. Wood is like denim. It’s not a colour. It’s an attitude. It’s a philosophy.

Another stayer is the High Gloss look. Forever a favourite. And this year, whether on cabinets, walls, or ceilings, lacquered vibes are the ‘It Queens’. Dramatic. Lush. Moody. Always there to take your breath away. So we keep on adding to our  Polished Ranges – marble and travertine looks. From classic to fantasy. Rectified, high gloss, XXL and totally amazing.

The Accent Wall isn’t going anywhere and gets a standing ovation from us in 2023. More imaginative, even bolder and more intensely textured than ever. Remember, the accent wall is the one your eye sees first when entering a room. It may be a clear wallspace, or offer the added interest of a fireplace or doorways. Go mad. Not just a contrasty paint colour, but a statement-making tile. Natural Stone Cladding springs to mind. Or our Sant’Agostino ColorArt wood tiles with their second life vibe.

Other stylish stayers. Matt Black. Mini Mosaics. KitKats. Matt finish sinks. To name but a Few. (We’ll be unpacking these long-service-award lovelies in a separate blogpost.)

What’s out.

Unsustainability. If you’re not earth-centric, or not truly committed to treading lightly on the planet, or just talking about it, you’re greenwashing. The Circular Economy is no longer just a nice idea in a Ted Talk. Degenerative economies are self-destructing. Regenerative economies are on the rise. And in the world of Interiors and Architecture, designers are finding ethical ways to create more mindfully. In the same way, with every step we take, Italtile is committed to examine the life cycle of the products on our showroom floors and in our webstore, as well as the processes we ourselves adopt.

We’re by no means as green as it gets, but there’s honest WIP. We take our GBCSA membership very seriously. The LiveGreen way is not always the easiest path, but it’s the only path we’re prepared to take internally and in our partnerships with our suppliers. The benefit? Every time you choose a piece of Italtile style you’re assured of a more sustainable lifestyle. You’re doing your bit.

White White Kitchens. Once seen as clean and cool, the all-white kitchen is fading away, and in its place we’re seeing bold kitchen spaces. We’re seeing black, deep forest greens, sage, navy, wood, pattern and texture on walls and floors and counters and cabinetry. But fear not, lovers of white – if you’re prepared to dip a toe into the softer off-whites and creams, with pops of black or earthier neutrals, you’ll take your first steps towards a really bang-on contemporary classic look.

It's impossible to cram all the 2023 trends into this space: this blogpost is just a mere tongue-tip taste of the best. Watch out for our 2023 Trend Talk with Melanie Ewing, Chapters Interiors CEO and Design Diva, where you’ll get her professional take on ALL the ins and outs of the glorious world of interior design trends.

Final word. All interior design should be personal, not cut and paste. And not all of the 2023 trends will be a good match for your personality. Speak to us about how to personalise the trends to enhance your living and working spaces with Italtile’s signature style. Our showroom staff are interior-design certified and ready to roll their sleeves up.


Live beautifully!

Ciao for now.