Trends | Cosy Quiet Luxury

April 18, 2024

Quiet Luxury whispered its way into our hearts a long, long time ago. Long before it received a title (and then star status thanks to the smash TV show “Succession”), the fashion and décor style that became known as Quiet Luxury was the signature aesthetic at the heart of Italtile style. Sophisticated, elegant, timeless luxury. An aesthetic that translates into absolutely every interior, whether classic, contemporary, urban, natural or metal is the vibe de jour.

Like so many trends, Quiet Luxury morphed and reshaped itself, and emerged in 2024 as Cosy Quiet Luxury. A kind of Classy 2.0, that has let its stiff, austere guard down and allows us to relax in our slacks. Less considered, less OCD. Cosy Quiet Luxury sees limited edition living going all lived-in, with casual, relaxed and comfortable being the keywords.

The Wall Street Journal recently spoke about the “gentle luxury” phenomenon at the February 2024 Milan Fashion Week. A look that speaks of all the elements of love with immense touchability. Cosy fabric choices, sumptuous feels, oversized and extra comfy silhouettes. As always, interior décor echoes the runways, and, as Chapters CEO Melanie Ewing, our interior design guru and trend wallah, so neatly frames it: “overly smooth, clean and sterile looks have packed their bags, while comfort, individualism and lived-in have moved in”.

Gentle shades (aka neutrals) still abound, but the emphasis is on spaces to relax in, rather than areas “on show”. Knits, woven materials, plush upholstery, tweeds, rich leathers and bouclé textures are in, as are circular and oval objects, with curved furniture and finishes rather than hard edged pieces. Wood in all its wondrous iterations. Worn stone looks in warmer tones. And of course, Marbled looks are still your best friend here ... but consider marble-look subways and marbled mosaics, too, not just the mighty slabs. Big windows, scads of natural light. Feature walls that express your individuality.

Feel free to express yourself. Honour your authenticity when putting your mood boards together. Select the ergonomic, and the unshowy. Resist the urge to be pretentious or purposely posh. If you’re going to be purposely anything, be purposely sustainable and put the planet first in all your choices. Create harmony. And relax. Your home is there to be lived in, to be an inviting sanctuary to all, to be enjoyed, not just admired.

Cosy Quiet Luxury favours items that will gain character over time as they age ... so it’s a movement that values the quality, superb materials and craftsmanship that all stand the test of time.

Some thought starters:

The Invicta Arena Wall Hung Vanity, which speaks of high-level quality and low-key sophistication. A statement piece of generous proportions, with lashings of flair in an updated colour palette, with natty handles (unmistakable Spanish DNA), designed to elevate your bathroom aesthetic, whether you’ve chosen a classic theme, a contemporary look, a natural silhouette, urban edge or a masculine metal aesthetic as your backdrop.

The Moda Vinile vinyl tile collection. Italtile’s exclusive wood-look vinyl tiles are a more sustainable choice than real timber, and they are an absolute triumph of design and technology, with extraordinarily authentic, grainy graphics and a wide variety of rich tones from which to choose. You get real value for money here: durability, elegance, functionality and comfort, with a soft finish that cushions bare feet and offers sound absorption properties. Serene ambiance? Cosy, inviting spaces? Relaxed looks? A timeless aesthetic? You’ve got it all in one.

Natural Stone Cladding. Old as time, the stone wall has become ever more decorative as natural stone looks ride the enormously powerful wave of nature-inspired décor, both for exterior and interior finishes. Italtile’s exclusive, high-end ranges offer the ultimate relaxed rustic luxe, with all the hand-tooled authenticity of a stone mason. An ingenious puzzle piece construction, where individual stone fragments are attached to an ingenious cement-mesh base which allows a flawless puzzle piece installation with no visible joins. An eco-conscious, durable and timeless 5-star bush lodge vibe.

At Italtile, we’ve acquired quite a knack over the years for guiding our customers wisely, to invest in the kind of style that is designed to create elegantly personalised spaces that outlast the fads and magically become even more beautiful as the years go by. Cosy Quiet Luxury, when curated the Italtile way, will speak of personalisation, mindfully sourced objects, faintworthy design, the very best quality, and layers and layers of story.

We offer exclusive and ever-growing collections of tiles, mosaics, taps, sanware and bathroom furniture, including mirrors and bathroom accessories, featuring high design, remarkable technology, craftsmanship and sustainable manufacture. All created to hold their value and offer years and years of pleasure, backed by guarantees and a nationwide network of after-sales service. Chat to us online or visit us instore and speak to one of our design-certified sales consultants. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and assist you. Let’s help you curate “all the elements of love” and create a relaxed, comfortable and inviting home.

Keep it cosy.

And live beautifully.