Italtile Adds Another Beautifully Sustainable Tile Range To A Growing Local Collection

March 25, 2022

Introducing Gryphon Glacier, exclusively manufactured for Italtile.

In line with Italtile’s commitment to more sustainable practices and products with carbon footprint reduction – their LiveGreen ethos – another new locally produced eco-friendly tile range has been added to an already burgeoning green collection.

The exciting new Glacier 800x800 matt stone-look EcoTec porcelain tile range by eco-pioneers Gryphon is an eco-chic Italtile exclusive. The Glacier range offers staggeringly authentic varianced stone looks that pay homage to sheer rockfaces carved by the action of glaciers over the millennia.  Glacier features a fascinating contrasting effect which Gryphon terms ‘Stardust’; a unique graphic effect that gives an exciting sense of ‘movement’, varying from tile face to tile face (across 8 faces).

These are cushion-edged tiles, which means they cope particularly well on a slightly rough or imperfect floor surface. Rectified tiles, on the other hand, due to sharp, flat cut edges, will not meet up neatly on an uneven surface – with a difference in elevation of each tile in this case which is called ‘lippage’.

Glacier is available in soft Snow, warm Beige and a near-charcoal Smoke, all designed to create the perfect neutral canvas for any interior or exterior floorspace.

Snow and Smoke are both available with a slip-resistant surface that’s ideal for kitchen, bathroom, patio or poolside use.

Technical Information:

Application: FLOOR

Size: 800X800

Finish: MATT

Faces: 8

Grout Gap: 2 mm

Style: STONE

Shade Variation: V3 High Variation

Special Effects: STARDUST

Colours: Snow, Smoke, Beige

Slip Resistant: Snow, Smoke

Natural stone looks are trending in 2022. Having been stuck indoors for the greater part of two years, we’re all looking for a connection to nature, and stone creates that much-needed psychological connection. ‘Biophilia’ is the term interior designers and architects have given this phenomenon and it is growing into a macro trend. Without a doubt, the incredibly lifelike Glacier range will satisfy that biophilic need.

Gryphon leads the way with its green EcoTec technology, that results in thinner, stronger tiles, created in processes that reduce clay use, energy use, and also recycle all water used. The subsequent load during transport is reduced, which means less fuel is required. Gryphon’s warehouses have recently switched to robotic vehicles to further reduce the carbon footprint.

Thanks to the meaningful actions of local manufacturers like Gryphon, we can all walk tall with the realisation that South Africa plays a key role in the sustainable green design world. Italtile enjoys a longstanding relationship with Gryphon and is proud to introduce another exclusive EcoTec range.

For further information about the new Gryphon Glacier range, follow the link: