New Arrivals | Spanish Wall Tiles

June 9, 2020

A classic collection in 400 x 1200 wall tiles.

Argenta Cerámica has been gradually developing its own identity, positioning itself worldwide in a prominent position in the current ceramic scenario. It all began in 1999 as a young, dynamic business adventure with the dream of developing a different ceramic concept to the existing at the time.

Developing trusted ceramic products, which lend emotion and feeling to spaces and give them quality, functionality and aesthetic value.

Production Evolution:

Argenta began by manufacturing 45x45 red body stoneware tiles due to the great demand for this product at that time. It gradually evolved, adapting to market needs and investing in new production technologies. An important milestone for the company was the production of new ceramic products made of porcelain paste and the implementation of digital printing technology on all of the company’s production lines.

Our main offer is the development of multiformat porcelain series with high quality technical characteristics and a level of design that sets us apart, which is easy to arrange and adapt to markets. We offer large formats of “ceramic slabs” * measuring 120x260 cm and 120x120 cm under the Absolut Unlimited slab brand, produced with the latest dry pressing technology, Continua+, and other formats such as: 75x150, 60x120, 90x90, 75x75, and 60x60, etc.

In 2018 Argenta opened a new plant for daily production of 15,000 m2 large format white body tiles, all rectified, in 30x90 and 40x120 cm formats

Argenta, thus, now manufactures and markets all kinds of ceramic solutions for walls and floors made of red body, white body, porcelain, coloured body, polished and non-slip tiles, lappatos, rectified tiles, etc. in a wide variety of finishes, designs and formats.


Vega | Marfil & Marfil Decor

A classic marble collection in 400 x 1200 format. This top-range marble makes it possible to offer clients high-quality tailored and indisputable elegance that this product gives to spaces.

Tile:                        Vega

Sizes:                     400 x 1200 mm

Finish:                    Gloss
Appearance:     Marble

Colours:               Marfil + Decor

Body:                   White Body, Glazed

Application:        Wall tile

Origin:                  Spain

Rectified:             Yes


Fibra| Pale & Press Pale Decor

This series comes in response to a new trend involving going back to the origins, to classic designs and traditional materials. Supplied in 400×1200 cm format. Fibra reproduces sophisticated textile weaves, creative designs between natural and urban, geometric figures and fabric folds. This range has achieved the smoothness and sensitivity of textile with the functionality and resistance of ceramic.

Tile:                        Fibra

Sizes:                     400 x 1200 mm

Finish:                    Matt
Appearance:          Textile

Colours:                Glazed

Application:        Wall tile

Origin:                  Spain

Rectified:             Yes