Discover Iceland. A Story of Icefire.

August 14, 2023

Italtile's Extraordinary New Fantasia of Porcelain, Marble, Mirror Gloss and Digital Mastery.

Prepare to be transported beyond marble to a place of ice and fire with Italtile’s dramatic new eco-chic Iceland Intense Marble Design Rectified Floor Tile, a one-of-a-kind concept tile evocative of the mysteries of subterranean caverns filled with Onyx stalactites. This is Italtile’s utterly breathtaking new statement marble-look tile; a differentiator in terms of its staggering beauty, luxuriousness, sustainability, size and digital mastery. With its signature Intense Marble Design, the sumptuous new Iceland Tile Collection will delight those in search of a unique statement flooring option with visual impact.

Highly imaginative, the Iceland range is a remarkable story of cold fire trapped in ice and is inspired by the unique qualities of Onyx. Onyx is one of the most beautiful and luxurious natural stones, which enjoyed cult status as the signature stone of the glamorous Art Deco era. Unique cloud patterns and magical colouration make it both fascinating and mysterious, so it’s unsurprising that Onyx is currently trending in interior design.

The sheer scale of each 1200mm x 1200mm tile optimises the intricacy of the marbled patterning and its interpretation of fantastical imagery. Precise, rectified edges enable tight grout lines (+- 1.5mm or less) and minimise the number of visible joins. This means a near-seamless installation, with a sleek, uninterrupted and continuous surface for a contemporary ambiance and refined aesthetic. 9 faces offer the benefit of design versatility and creative possibilities; each tile in the range features a unique set of patterns which offers authentic variance, while ensuring that the tiles blend together harmoniously.

Iceland’s mood is marble, with the crackle of dazzling ‘icefire’. The tile features a strikingly unusual marbling pattern with deep, lush veining in contrasting colours that create depth and dimension. These breathtaking looks showcase cutting-edge digital tile technology, with spectacular patterning enhanced by a reflective ultra-mirror gloss finish for enhanced aesthetics. Iceland will add grandeur, sophistication and a theatrical, ‘otherworldly’ opulence to a grand entrance, an upscale boutique hotel or a luxurious living room. Because of its striking looks, Iceland should be allowed to play the lead role in any colour palette, with quieter neutrals providing support.

Available in glacial, almost ethereal Iceland Navy and dark, stormy Iceland Midnight.

As an advocate for eco-chic living, Italtile is proud to partner with Eco Ceramics.

Eco Ceramics operates Europe’s first PV self-consumption plant which prevents emissions of 8.816 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Production at the plant ensures zero waste, with wastewater recovered for reuse in the production process. All administration is paperless.

The Iceland Tile Collection, with its impeccably sustainable credentials, will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen label.

The Iceland Tile Collection is exclusive to Italtile.