True Luxury is Exclusive

January 10, 2022

Defining the Limited Edition Lifestyle

Greetings, beloved life member of The Beautiful Living Appreciation Society!

Let’s kick off 2022 with a little quiz.


Q: What do all these things have in common?

Last night’s sunset. The shell you picked up on the beach. The longer-than-usual hug you shared with a dear friend you won’t see for a while. The leaf that landed on your table at an outdoor coffee shop.

A: They’re all rare. One-of-a-kind things. A collection of loveliness curated exclusively for you. For your eyes only. You see, although you’ll enjoy other beautiful sunsets, not one of them will be quite like last night’s sunset. The shell? It was created to be a one-off, and, if you believe the great wise ones, designed exclusively for you to see and touch and appreciate. And that hug? A very special moment you’ll never recreate. Perhaps there’ll be similar moments. But never THAT moment. Likewise, the leaf: of all the tables in that space, it chose yours as its resting place.

Lover of beautiful living, what we’re illustrating is the motivation behind our ethos:

to be the curators of rare items of true luxury so that we can assist you in the creation of a limited edition, eco-chic lifestyle that reflects and elevates the essence of your unique signature. On our showroom floors and in our Aladdin’s cave of a webstore you’ll find hand-selected objects and limited lines – coveted by many but destined to be owned by a few. Italtile style has the lustre and mystique of exclusivity. And as an Italstylista it is your destiny and delight to tap into it and make it yours.


The rare, the refined and the remarkable. The bespoke and the beautiful. The utterly amazing and the distinctly different. These are the points of our style compass that guide us to the working works of art we bring home for you. Exclusively ours. Exclusively yours. For your eyes only - the ultimate homestyle flex. So let’s hit the décor road that will lead to limited edition, eco-chic luxury, and shine a light on a few covetable items from the Italtile Collection.


Program One. Art for A-listers. Industrial and civil engineering in your sanctuary? You bet! The spirit of urban architecture lives in these utterly extraordinary tap systems created by AF New York. Way to elevate that minimalist, moody style of yours, and add charisma and ambience. Our collection will reward those in search of stylistic distinctiveness and the ultimate simplicity of line. Totally unadorned and fearlessly pared down, our limited edition Program One range showcases a guiding design principle: “A designer knows he has achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. Thoughtful and mindful design is in evidence right down to the packaging, composed of anti-scratch eco-cardboard and wood shavings, inside a natural jute bag.

Dress by Nobili, from Tivoli. Tap into exclusive, next-level luxury with Dress by Nobili from Tivoli. Designed to catch the eye and delight the heart. Of course, deep down it’s also engineered to function beautifully, obvs -- but that’s table stakes with Nobili. This is a customisable range that creates ambience. Choose your hue from a range of stunning neutrals to harmonise with your bathroom canvas.

Join the evolution with exclusive Elementi. Repetition lives in the land of the ordinary and the mass produced, but individuality is rare. You’ll find it in Elementi, an evolution of old-school concrete into a new-era concrete aesthetic, from niche Spanish makers who ‘cut’ each tile from what they call a ‘canvas’. The result? Believe it or not, each tile has a different face. This is the result of next-level technology that enables a whole new take on mimicry. It’s an XXL range, with 1200 x 1200 rectified megaslabs that promise a near-seamless and flawless roomscape with fewer grout lines. Whether your homestyle tends towards urban, modern, or contemporary classic, you’ll rock the new natural neutral concrete aesthetic with Elementi. Available in warm Beige and cool Pearl and Grey.

Barkwood by Sant’Agostino. Only at Italtile. Real luxury is defined by peerless design and aesthetics, a rich heritage, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship. A fair description of the tilemasters of Ceramica Sant’Agostino, the home of EcoQuality. Among their many accomplishments is the astonishingly lifelike reimagination of timber. And Barkwood is one of their defining moments in the recreation of wood looks. This refined wood-look tile achieves the silky texture of finely sanded wood that would take a carpenter hours to achieve. The colours flush a natural warmth into the space where they are being used. There are four colours, ranging from rich, brown Barkwood Burnt, to the light and airy beach house vibes of Barkwood White. And thanks to a longstanding relationship between Sant’Agstino and Italtile, you’ll only find Barkwood in our showrooms and webstore.

Moda Vinile. A contemporary vinyl exclusive. Vinyl has come a long way since the kitchen floors of our grandmothers. In fact, contemporary vinyl is having a moment, and to enable our Italstylistas to enjoy this lush, soft-underfoot-experience we sourced arguably the finest example of the trend in Moda Vinile, all set to be a timeless look. But don’t be limited by Moda Vinile as a floor tile. We’ve already seen this rare stunner used to enhance what interior designers have termed “the fifth wall’ - ceilings!

Give your sanctuary those Primo spa feels. Unsurprisingly, 2020 saw a spike in the interest in Spa baths. COVID life has bombarded pretty much everyone with the dreaded fight or flight stressors that impact both our physical bodies and mental health. Ten minutes in a jetted hot spa bath every day will release that toxic stress and kickstart relaxation and wellness. Spa visits have been curtailed by lockdowns and social distancing, so the spa experience is coming home. Get ready to bubble your troubles away with one of our just-unpacked Primo Spa Baths, designed and engineered locally for Italtile. Choose entry-level luxury with Primo Taryn, the deluxe Primo Melissa, or the Primo Maharaja for the ultimate thermal hydrotherapy experience.

A right royal soaking in a V&A bath. Victoria + Albert is a properly upper-crust British brand with a global rep for making the world’s most beautiful baths and basins. While their origins are in the United Kingdom, these noble beauties are manufactured right here in Worcestor, in the R of SA. Each piece is crafted from  unique, trademarked QuarrycastTM. This miracle substance is obtained from crushed volcanic limestone and has a silky yet strong form which is highly durable, low maintenance and ultra-warm-to-the-touch. Our portfolio of V&A baths and basins are Italtile exclusives, and offer you styles that range from claw-footed Victorian classics to sleek, modern supermodels. To inspire your décor dreams, the range offers an exceptional selection of neutral hues, including metallics (think rose gold and copper!) and matt black.


Cotto. Green craftsmanship. Green design and eco-aesthetics are at the heart of our collection of Cotto sinks and sanware. Simple lines bely serious cutting edge tech to craft pieces that that are truly sustainable. For example, many SA loos are guilty of draining up to 40% of precious household water with between 6 and 12 litres per flush; by comparison, Cotto sanware uses between 3 and 4.5 litres. Our Cotto ranges carry the 'SCG eco value' label. SCG is considered Thailand's first (and foremost) organisation that provides a label certifying its environmentally-friendly products. Products or services with 'SCG eco value' must be manufactured with specialised production processes to rigorously reduce the environmental effect. Moreover, these products must comply with ISO 14021, and pass the consideration and approval of SCG board. Browse these LiveGreen lovelies here.


Laufen Palomba. Working works of art. Get a feel for the future of bathroomware with Laufen’s exclusive collab collection. Using Swiss perfectionists Laufen’s unique, cutting edge ceramic tech – called SaphirKeramikTM – award-winning architects and designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba (the golden couple of Italian design) created a rare and remarkable range. Palomba is inspired by the organic shapes carved out of coastal rock by wave action. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. More art installation than bathroom furniture, Palomba will elevate your bathroom sanctuary with its organic lines and minimalist simplicity.


In search of the ultimate lustre of true luxury? Longing for statement pieces to add to your carefully curated collection of living, working art? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s where beautiful living begins. Let our signature style uplift your limited edition lifestyle in 2022.