The Then And Now Of Heated Towel Rails. A Brief History

April 14, 2023

If you have a heated towel rail in the bathroom, you’ll agree with us that it’s an absolute necessity! With our longstanding relationship with Jeeves, the world’s most famous makers of heated towel rails, it’s almost unthinkable to imagine a time without warm toasty towels 24/7! But the heated towel rail is a relatively modern invention. Let’s take you back ...

It all started with the invention of the ‘radiator’; a room warmer that was part of a central heating system. This featured a boiler that heated water and pumped it through a system of pipes into the various rooms in a home. No surprises that the room warmer was invented in one of the chilliest places on earth. Russia. In St Petersburg around 1855. By a smart chap called Franz San Galli. Thank heavens for Franz!

Warmer rooms became a big thing in cold countries, but it wasn’t till the 80s that a ‘towel radiator’ was invented. It’s a genius concept, really ... enabling the continued embrace of cosy warmth from the bath or shower to linger. Kudos to the bright sparks at Toomec AB in Sweden. The first Swedish towel radiator models were designed only for v. posh hotels – being ultra-luxurious – but gradually, in the decades to follow, the elite bathroom accessory became available to everyone.

Towel radiator. Ladder Towel Radiator. Heated Towel Rail. Here, at Italtile, we just say Jeeves. Because Jeeves is our trusted and longstanding proudly South African partner, creating unique heated towel rails exclusively for Italtile from their factory in Knysna. And since 1995 their brand name has become synonymous with the most fabulous toasty towels in beautiful locations around the world. Emulated by many, but never bettered.


Our superb ranges of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails, many of which have been made especially for Italtile, are absolutely beautiful, super eco-chic, 100% stainless steel and guaranteed for 25 years. And, hugely important, they offer the kind of cosiness you want to start your day with.