Tile and Colour Psychology: Choosing Tiles for a Mood-Boosting Home.

October 25, 2023

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a specific emotion? The tiles you choose play a pivotal role in setting the ambiance of your home. As vital elements of home décor, tiles, especially wall tiles, set the mood for each space. 

Colours of Tiles Can Boost Your Mood 

Colour psychology is an influential tool in interior design. This technique taps into the emotions linked with different colours, shaping our feelings and experiences in a room. The colours of your kitchen and bathroom tiles in particular can either elevate your spirits or bring tranquillity. Picking the right tile colours ensures that every room resonates with your vision. 

Exploring the Psychology Behind Colours 

Wall tiles serve as a canvas that breathes life and emotion into a room. Used correctly, they can seamlessly guide emotional flow through your home. Each shade sets a tone, and the right pick can make guests feel luxurious, vibrant, or utterly at peace. 

Colours and How They Influence a Person 



The deep resonance of blue paints a picture of serenity, strength, loyalty, and wisdom. Its shades can be a haven of tranquillity, making it ideal for spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

Consider porcelain tiles in a soft cerulean or other shade of blue for a bathroom - their glossy texture reflects just enough light, enhancing the calming aura of the space. In kitchens, a darker shade of blue, perhaps navy, can bring forth dependability and strength. 



White is the embodiment of purity, hope, peace, and new beginnings. It can light up a room, lending an expansive feel. But it's crucial to strike a balance. Overuse might make spaces feel too clinical or cold. 

Opt for ceramic wall tiles with intricate patterns in spaces like the living room or bedroom. Their textured finish can break the monotony, introducing a touch of sophistication while ensuring the room feels warm and welcoming. 


A canvas of sophistication and clarity, grey can act as a subtle backdrop, letting accent pieces or other colours take the spotlight. Its versatility allows it to fit seamlessly, from living rooms to bathrooms. 

In the living room, pair grey tiles with ash or maple wood furniture. Natural stone cladding, especially in lighter shades of grey, can be an excellent choice for the home's entrance, setting a serene tone right from the doorstep. For bathrooms, porcelain tiles in a charcoal shade, when accented with wooden cabinets, exude warmth and sophistication. 


Black is the quintessence of luxury, drama, and power! But, it demands moderation. Used excessively, it can overpower a room's ambiance. 

In bathrooms, a black or patterned wall tile can be set against silver accessories for a touch of elegance. Think silver taps, toilet paper holders, and grey storage baskets. Complement this with pristine white ceramics, like basins or bathtubs, to balance the drama. A silver-framed clear-glass shower door can add the final touch, creating a luxurious bathing experience!  

Looking for something a little different? Check out our more unusually coloured wall tiles here.  

In Conclusion 

The colours you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your mood and overall well-being. Through the lens of colour psychology, tiles become more than just decorative pieces. They transform into mood influencers!  

At Italtile, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of wall tiles by room – whether it's bathroom wall tiles, kitchen wall tiles, or wall tiles for the living room. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect palette for your mood-boosting home!  

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FAQ: Tile and Colour Psychology for Walls

  1. How can I make my wall tiles look better?

Consider incorporating patterned wall tiles for a distinctive look or using wall tiles by colour to create a specific mood. Regular cleaning and maintenance also ensure that tiles retain their original shine and beauty.


  1. How do you display wall tiles?

Wall tiles can be displayed in various patterns and designs, from traditional brick patterns to herringbone or chevron layouts. It's essential to coordinate wall tiles by room to ensure they complement the space's purpose and aesthetic.


  1. Where do you start with wall tiles?

Start from the center or a reference line, ensuring that the layout doesn't leave small tile slivers at room corners or ends. This approach ensures symmetry and a professional finish, especially vital in areas like bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles.


  1. Is it good to put tiles on walls?

Absolutely! Tiles, especially wall cladding tiles, are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-moisture areas like bathrooms. They're also great for adding style to wall tiles for the living room and other spaces.


  1. Should tiles be lighter or darker than walls?

It depends on the desired effect. Lighter tiles can make a room feel more spacious and airier, while darker tiles can provide depth and drama. Consider the principles of warm colours psychology when making your choice.


  1. What colour wall tiles makes a room look bigger?

Lighter shades, especially in the white or pastel family, reflect more light, giving an illusion of space. If you're aiming for a spacious feel, opt for these colours in your choice of wall tiles by colour.


  1. How do you use decorative tiles?

Decorative or patterned wall tiles can be used as accent pieces in a larger layout or to create a feature wall. They can also be mixed with simpler tiles to balance out their design and prevent them from becoming overwhelming.


  1. How do you set up a tile layout?

Begin by measuring the space and planning the layout on paper. Decide on the pattern and layout direction, ensuring it complements the room's size and shape. When in doubt, consult with Italtile’s Design Consultants online or instore, for guidance, especially when choosing tiles for specific areas like bathroom floor tiles.


Remember, tiles are more than just functional. They can significantly impact the mood and feel of a room. Choose wisely and let your walls tell a story!