Italtile's Classic Style Masterclass With Melanie Ewing

August 18, 2023

Classic Style. It’s been described as ‘timeless’ by some. Others may call it ‘traditional’. One thing it’s NOT, is ‘old-fashioned’. But you’ll find ageless pieces, antiques and a hint of history.

Classic style, when approached with love and deep understanding of its values, shapes and personality, can be interpreted with contemporary twists and modern takes to keep it relevant. It has structure and balance; it is a magnificent dance between furniture, surfaces, tonal values and accessories. If you learn the dance, you’ll create a home that is underpinned with the very best quality and immaculate craftsmanship. It is sophisticated and refined, yet relaxed, with timeless elegance and sumptuous comfort. A gracious space that is inviting and welcoming.

So. Order, balance and harmony. How is it achieved? Melanie Ewing, CEO of Chapters (the interior design maven who trains our sales consultants and keeps us up to date with the latest global trends), will tell you that a clue to achieving that formally aesthetically pleasing beauty lies in a reverence for Vitruvian proportions (Leonardo Da Vinci’s Big Thing). It’s also been called ‘the golden ratio’. “The proper agreement between the members of the work itself”. Let’s not get bogged down in algebra and maths though... rather, let’s just call it symmetry. When everything is relative to everything else in the space. When you get it right, everything sings in tune.

Traditional and Classic interior design both have their roots in the European Styles of yesteryear: the conventional ideas of how a space should be put together. (Which, themselves, were interpretations of the great Classic Roman and Greek Styles.)

You’ll find threads of Iconic Italian, French Flair, Understated Victorian, Glamorous Art Deco and Comfortable Country woven into Classic Style. These all offer an aesthetic of their own which provide an elegant backdrop to stylish and comfortable living. (Although we don’t necessarily suggest you allow them all houseroom at the same time, without some serious professional guidance.)

The Classic Colour Palette. Soft neutrals, black and white, darker woods, subtle pattern, texture, pops of rich, warm velvet, classic checks, stripes and florals.

The Classic Finishes. Antiques, rugs, art, sculpture, vases full of fresh flowers, Comfortable, oversized armchairs and couches, columns, double volume ceilings, large gilded mirrors, bookcases, ornate fireplaces, architectural mouldings and chandeliers.

The Classic Layout. Symmetry, to create harmony. Classic style is calm, ordered, luxe, with no room for chaos or clutter.

Italtile’s Classic Décor ‘Starter Pack’. Italtile’s signature eco-chic style is timeless; you’ll have no problem selecting the elements that work together to create classic balance and sophistication that never dates. If you love the classics, you’ll adore our Pembroke Bath by V&A, our crisp Black and White Mosaics, our Shaws of Darwen Shaker Sinks, and our rich, warm Barn Wood Brown Glazed Porcelain Tile (available in both inside and slip-resistant outdoor options).

Italtile’s enormous selection of local and imported classic tiles, taps, sanware and bathroom furniture awaits your classic decorator’s eye. But remember, we’re here to help. Your interpretation of classic may be deeply trad, classic with a modern twist, or classic glam. It all depends on your personality. Speak to our design-certified consultants, share your mood boards, and let’s curate classic, eco-chic interiors that are perfectly you.