Inspo for Milleno-renos.

April 3, 2020

Patchwork is always a bright idea.

Inspo for Milleno-renos.

Patchwork is always a bright idea.

You don’t have to be a Millennial to love a good reno. But it helps. If you were brought up on a steady diet of “Trading Spaces” and Extreme Makeover”, chances are you’ve got the urge to upgrade and improve built into your (grout-splashed) genes.

You’ve got a starter home, but it’s not a forever home. So you’re less likely to invest in a full-body reno. Stats show that the two most common upgrades are The Bathroom and The Kitchen. Because what’s the use of a cooking space and a soak sanctuary if they’re not good to ‘gram?

A less ‘expansive’, one-room-at-a-time approach to upgrades means you can invest in a limited, carefully considered and curated set of good quality items, like a knockout kaleidoscope of patchwork*, or an adorable set of sink mixers, or a truly glamorous tub. (Even if it means one less smashed avo on toast to save those shekels. )

*Work the Patchwork.

Nothing creates ‘grammable content quite like a focus area adorned with a splash of irresistible colour. They’re called feature tiles for a reason. Top-quality patchwork tiles make a statement about your positivity, creativity, and adventurous and gregarious nature. And they’re one of the hottest 2020 trends. Italtile is your one-stop patchwork inspiration station: our interior design-certified sales consultants are here to help you ace the art of colourfication.

In France, they used to be called ‘Cementine’. In Portugal and Spain, “Azulejos”. In Morocco, “Zellige”. We call it Patchwork. A contemporary and always in vogue statement tile that pays homage to centuries of patterned heritage from around the world.

Way to Patchwork. But which way?

Oh, the styles and tones and shades available in our showrooms and Webstore. You could play for days. But beware, it’s bewildering. Let us guide you through the maze of ways.

Briefly, patchwork tiles create colour wherever you want to pull focus and add drama.

Here are some f’rinstances.

-Instead of a carpet in your entrance hall, place a rectangle of patchwork to draw your visitors in. Do the same in a living space, to give an impression of warmth and coziness. (The ideal spot for a shoefie!)

-Swap out a headboard for a set of patchwork tiles above your bed. Fascinating!

-How about a dynamic fireplace surround?

-Your kitchen splashback is waiting patiently for patchworks, just saying.

-Patchwork your shower walls, or bathroom floor, or walls. (Not all of those surfaces together, if we may caution. Patchwork everywhere is just a headache waiting to happen. Focus, focus, focus is the keyword.)

-Patios and poolside spaces love patchwork and will reward you with an authentic Mediterranean ambience.

-Kitchen islands really pop with patchwork sides.

-A dramatic staircase embellishment.

-Your idea here…


A few pages from our Patchwork lookbook:

Pavimento Antiqua. Our most popular range by far, Pav’s subtle hues create a more softened focus area, with gentle teals in traditional patterns. A cool option for a bedroom focus, or a calming influence in your bathroom. Super-sophisticated chill. 

Centro Viena. A more uniformly patterned option that’ll work a treat on a kitchen island surround with its step-and-repeat circles and squares. A reimagining of elegant, 19th-century Viennese mansion style. 

Florentine Centro. Create a colour fiesta right across a floor or feature wall with this versatile décor tile. Quite honestly, Florentine Centro is so gregarious, it makes friends with any look: urban, industrial, Manhattan loft, French farmhouse, classic elegance, boho eclectic, or modern simplicity. Pair it with wood, screed, terrazzo, mixed metals, whatevs, Florentine Centro’s your dream mixy matchy partner.

Ritual Décor Patchwork. The Ritual range offers authentic earthspiration in warm, natural tones. If your home tells an African story, add another chapter of drama with clay-look patchwork in tribal geometrics. 

Sole Mix Luc. Mediterranean soul. Throw caution to the wind and invest in the ultimate Mediterranean colour story: vibrant majolica tiles. Zesty citrus, vivid indigo, sky blue, foliage green, sunny saffron, baked earth. Unafraid, fearless… and most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

NewDeco décor tiles. The medieval art of terrazzo, reimagined in an ultra-creative interpretation by Italian tile masters Sant’Agostino. Venetian-style patterns that are fabulously flecked and stippled to imitate the exquisite ‘movement’ of chips of marble, mother of pearl and granite trapped in cement. 

Scaled-down patchwork. Of course, you can also go big with petite patchworks. Check out our patterned mosaic marvels here.

Bit by colourful bit, you’ll transform your home. Begin with patchwork focus areas and, in time, you’ll thread your design themes through from there. We’re here for you every step of the way, whether you’re a card-carrying member of the Renovation Generation or not.

Our 360-degree showroom service includes design-savvy interior advice, bottomless Italian blend cappuccinos, and try-before-you-buy patchwork samples. It also extends to a delivery service, quality installations and residential agents.

Of course, you can do it all online, where you’ll find all the Patchwork (along with all the other Italtile luxury), all the adhesive and grout, all the technical spec and creative inspo. And it’s as easy as kicking off your shoes and hopping on the couch. Plus, help is always at hand, just a click away, while you’re online. Our webstore is a safe and secure purchasing platform and it’s open 24/7. 

Patchwork your way to a wonderful room reno. (Then post your newly patterned space and tag us @italtile)


Live beautifully.