New Arrival |Ampezzo tile Range

July 29, 2020

New Ampezzo. What a wooden floor wishes it could be.

A couple of decades ago, flooring specialists used to say: “You can’t wood for lasting beauty. The irregularities of knots and whorls for charm. The gleam of years of polish”. It was a status symbol. Added value to a house.

But of course, we know better now. Real timber flooring is out of the price bracket of most South Africans. And although it’s a coveted look, it has MANY drawbacks. There’s the worry of damage from pets, high heels and scratches from sharp objects, along with fading and water absorption. It is also a product that requires regular maintenance. In short, it’s hard work. And who needs that.


There are many attractive wood-look products on the market, priced on a scale to suit everyone’s pockets. Some, of course, are better quality than others. Italtile only sources and sells timber-look products that are top quality porcelain tiles with cutting edge technology to create the most durable, low maintenance product for lasting beauty. That’s what makes them so popular. And the very latest range to hit our shelves is Ampezzo.

Ampezzo is our new range of beautiful wood-look glazed porcelain floor tiles, from local supplier Gryphon.

The range offers two appealingly rich matt-look colourways: Natural and Whitewashes.

Ampezzo tiles are designed for a grout gap of 2mm, so customers will experience on an almost seamless surface.

The Ampezzo range has 8 (Natural) & 12 (Whitewashed) faces, more than enough to offer an authentic wood look with minimal repetition of pattern.


Ampezzo Tile Rage | 220 x 895 mm


Floor Size: 220 x 895 mm

Finish: Matt

Colours:  Natural and Whitewashed

Faces: 8 (Natural) & 12 (Whitewashed)

Grout Gap: 2 mm

Shade Variance: V3