Get Out!

October 4, 2021

Fresh inspiration for fresh air living.

Greetings, you beauts! Last night we got super excited about the rumbling that thudded up here on the dehydrated Highveld. Could it be rain at last? (Shem, Cape Town, we feel your wintry sogginess.) But anyway, underneath that darkening skyful of activity and promise, our little fam laughed at a huddle of hadidas who took off from their perch on our roof and flapped noisily up and away across clouds silver-plated by the moon. In that moment, they were transformed from clowns to angels. And it was beautiful and thrilling: birds being normal in a world where normal has been upended. We felt the mood rise with them after days of the frayed nerves and uncertainty that have been a part of our lives for so long now.

It reminded us that there’s so much out there to wonder at, if we just take the time to observe and take note of what we see: a copse of trees, a flight of birds etched against the sunset, scudding clouds, wild flowers blooming in a field next to the road. It can be an antidote to the stress that so many of us are under. There’s cool stuff out there. Just look at it and breathe. Which brings us to our fresh new blog topic.

Hibernation’s over. It’s time to GET OUT!

In all its upper-case encouragement, this is our call to action. With fresh inspo for fresh air living. Covid cases are right down and the prospect of Level 1 is lifting our spirits. Let’s channel that renewed energy. Let’s not dwell on ‘what if’, let’s get busy with what is. Take a stroll outside. Wander around the balcony, potter in the garden, stand in the middle of the courtyard, gaze at the patio and pool areas. Spot something missing? Something getting drab? Or perhaps your outside area requires a whole new look? 

We’ve taken a walk, too... through the latest outdoor trends. Be it a patio, or a deck, or a tiled courtyard, we’re picking up that every exterior space is being transformed into an enhanced functioning area, rather than just being a braai spot or a weekend party place for families. What’s new is that people are seeking everyday comfort in this arrangement and have plans to up this outdoor game. We’re wild about what we found, and so we got busy matching our style to the top trending 2021/22 outdoor living ideas.


The Outdoor Kitchen. This is not the braai area, people. This is a whole new ballgame, and it’s going to be huge. This space could be as small as a satellite kitchen with an electric or gas grill and a pizza oven. Or it could be The Full Monty, with storage areas, a wine chiller (it’s a full body yes from us), sinks, gas hob, eye level grill and a refrigerator. Natch, your outdoor kitchen is under cover, but it’s open to the air. This is the moment your patio or lapa has been waiting for. And we’re thinking low maintenance, high fabulosity AIX stone-look tiles – slip-resistant - for wall and floors. And countertops. In warm or cool neutral tones, Aix creates seamless elegance that’s chip-resistant and stain-resistant, so it can take some action.


All our Slip-Resistant Outdoor Tiles are designed for safe and stylish living, so if you haven’t settled on a stone look, browse the collection for more outdoor ideas. Then we’re thinking a stunning Franke sink situation – like the gorgeous Basis Onyx Black double sink, twinned with a Tivoli Varano Black and Chrome Sink Mixer.

The Edible Garden. With 5 stars for sustainability, the edible garden is a future-forward idea. Quite apart from looking good, it is fun to plan and rewarding to harvest. It’s also an incredible way to introduce children to spend more time outdoors and learn first-hand how the food they eat arrives on the table. You might also find that your little broccoli-haters turn into proud veg-lovers once they’ve planted, watered and picked their own food! We’re certainly not going to attempt to teach you how to design and prepare your ‘greens’ garden – there are many brilliant websites, like – but we can suggest that you consider our stunning new-age In2Out pavers to lay between your beans and spinach when you get going. These all-weather, all-terrain 2cm stunners have a surface that’s smooth to the touch when dry, but reacts with water to create friction.


The Outdoor Shower. What a refreshing idea! Whether you want a dedicated spot to sluice off after a swim, or a spa-worthy outdoor oasis that rivals your indoor bathroom sanctuary, there are so many inspirational looks to moodboard. We’ve seen awkward alleyways repurposed into romantic, boho-chic, under-the-stars  shower spaces, with pretty patchwork underfoot (we’re thinking Pavimento Antiqua with its darling washed out blues, or our elegant achromatic Black and White Patchwork. Add a few string lights and water-loving pot plants to complete the look.


Of course, Scandi simplicity also works a treat, and if those forest vibes are your décor go-to, how about creating a sauna-style shower stall with our Exence honey-toned oak wood looks.


Showerheads? Well, seeing as we’re looking at an au naturel shower, what about our Almar Emotion Square Black Showerhead. Designed to make you feel like you’re standing in the rain, but engineered to slow the flow.

Spiritual Spaces. Hard lockdown taught us that if life stops you from going outside, you can find peace ‘inside’. Thankfully, we’re all venturing outside more and more, getting back to nature. Here’s where we find our inner peace, and have those quiet, deep-down conversations with ourselves. We’re seeing the rise of garden sanctuaries for yoga. We’re also loving the emergence of the garden labyrinth – a circular path which is walked in meditation, till you get to the ‘centre’ of yourself. How beautiful is that?

Outdoor Technology. We’re high-fiving the weatherproof tech that’s enabling all our indoor conveniences to go outside, including outdoor music systems and outdoor TV. Pretty smart.

Au Naturel Palette. This airy, relaxed summertime moodboard never goes out of fashion. In fact, we spent most of September singing our Ode to Neutrals, celebrating the rise of 2021’s most comforting canvas, along with the new Sanctuary Trend. Neutral tones and organic textures are huge right now. And depending on your taste, you can go full rustic, cool contemporary, or pared down modernist. Get the au naturel look outdoors with our Natural Stone Cladding, or how about some island vibes with terracotta-toned Teano and its elemental, tribal patterns.


Bohemian Rhapsody. Boho chic is bursting onto the outdoor scene, with rich colour and pattern, outdoor rugs, Bali umbrellas, outsize macramé hanging chairs and twinkly lights. Go full pattern on pattern with our Sole Mix Luc range by Ceramica Sant’Agostino. And then kaftan your way through summer!

The Swimming Pond. Around the world, swimming pools are going back to nature as we city slickers learn better ways to live sustainably. In extreme cases, some folk have chosen to give their pools back to nature 100%, and with careful guidance from professional landscapers, they are coaxing the growth of actual-factual, authentic wetlands in their gardens. If a more natural and waterwise garden is calling you, we suggest you speak to the gurus over at the South African Landscapers Institute. Drop them a mail at [email protected] to reach out to a specialist.

Not everyone’s ready to go full wetland yet, but if you’re looking to dip an eco-chic toe into a more sustainable pool, take a look at our enormous range of Pool Mosaics. No matter what colour you choose, it’ll be green.

 Industrial Goes Outdoors. Once the sole domain of the warehouse conversion, pared down, bare-bones looks are moving outdoors, too. To get that clean-cut, architectural look and elevate your outdoor vibes with some modernist edge, why not consider Nox with its muscular, oxidised metal drama. Nox brings the second-life aesthetic of weathered metal to outdoor floors and walls.

The Blissed Out Balcony. Welcome to the new backyard. The little balcony goes big. We’ve spent so many months distancing ourselves from The Covid Contamination that we’ve replaced our street side café, terrace bar and outdoor bistro time with home equivalents. The best examples of ‘the home bistro’ are on apartment terraces and balconies, complete with mini hanging gardens and herb patches, outdoor lights, lanterns, a mirror to open the space and cute-as-a-button bistro furniture. Even a tiny WFH desk situation. In fact, the little balcony has become another room.

The benefits are many – privacy, height, amazing vistas across the burbs, a sense of space, and all the natural light and vitamin D. Balconies provide the brackets to a beautiful life: opening with the best views of sunrise, and closing with your very own private sunset. Weatherproof furniture and accessories are an essential (speak to our friends @hausbyhertex), along with slip-resistant tiles. Of course, a little extra privacy in the form of screens or a tilting umbrella. Oh, and check out the bottomless charm of @apartmenttherapy on the ‘Gram for inspo.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow. This is a trend we’ve been behind for quite some time: choosing the same style of tile to flow from the interior to the outdoor area. Top of mind here is our ever-popular Spazio EcoTec range of beautifully varianced screed look tiles, with safe and stylish slip-resistant outdoor options for easy, breezy, barefoot-pleasey patios and poolsides. They’re mindfully manufactured by our Ceramic Industries partners, who are pioneers in the field of end-to-end eco practices.

Getting out is an adventure, and we’re here to ensure you enjoy every minute of the journey, with no fear or remorse. Chat to us about your choices online, or speak to our design-certified sales consultants instore. And if we can’t answer your queries, we’ll pass them on to our awesome interior design partners. Just ask. OK?

“A garden should make you feel you’ve entered a privileged space – and it seems to me that the gardener must put some kind of twist on the existing landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry” - Michael Pollan: Second Nature.

Let’s get out and do the twist, Italstylistas!

Live beautifully.