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Nox Tile Collection
Nox Tile Collection

Nox Tile Collection

In the hunt for a large format, luxury tile that best represents the hot new Mixed Metals trend, we found NOX. Best of breed in Europe and a first for South Africa, NOX leads the way in every category: R&D, artisanship, technology, finish, carbon footprint, and price. Leading-edge digital technology and a unique mineral formula recreate an authentic ‘corroded’ metal look with a beautifully varied surface texture and glaze (looks semi-rough, feels semi- satin).

Flawless, defect-free, full-bodied imaging; rectified for the almost seamless look of a single metallic sheet. The second life aesthetic. Weathered, time tortured, battle-scarred, but forever iron-hearted, these magnificent new metal-look tiles offer rugged good looks with best-of-breed, tough-as-nails cred.

Wall & floor, inside and outside The tough good looks of the NOX ranges make it ideal for multi-purpose use: floors and walls, bathrooms to kitchens. Consider transforming your house exterior into ‘Fort NOX’ with this powerfully weather-resistant range.

Lappato finish “Lappato” is the Italian word for semi-polished. But it’s much more than that: the slightly satiny. Time-rubbed surface is the result of cutting-edge tile technology. Rather than a polished process.

Décor Tip: These gun-metals create a powerful base tome: layer this with metal-look tiles with warmer tones: brass and copper, raw wood, leather and animal skins, carpets and kilims. Contemporary or mid-century pieces, and ceramic planters. Use lighting cleverly to bring out the weathered patina.

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