InOut Tile Technology

August 16, 2023

A Revolutionary Blend of Soft Touch and Tough Resistance.

For some time, there has a distinct difference between indoor floor tiles and outdoor floor tiles. Indoor floor tiles have, for the most part, been smooth and velvety underfoot. Outdoor tiles have had varying levels of slip resistance for enhanced safety in wet or slippery conditions. Of course, there are crossover spaces in homes where a slip-resistant tile is chosen for safety, for example, bathrooms and kitchens.

Falling after a slip on a tiled floor has been amusingly described as “among the top ten things you never think about till you’re 30”, but at Italtile, we take the slip vs grip equation very seriously. A few years ago, our research into the subject led us to Spain, where we discovered a revolutionary concept called InOut, developed by our Spanish tile supplier partners. The line between indoor and outdoor floor tiles has been removed. Now, the two opposing sets of tile attributes – soft touch and grip – have married in a collection of exquisite matt porcelain floor tiles, exclusive to Italtile.

What is InOut technology? Simply put, InOut technology creates a beautiful tile surface that has a matt finish and a smooth feel when dry – rather like the velvety texture of a worn stone underfoot – and a strong grip when wet. While traditional slip-resistant tiles offer a rough texture created from randomly applied abrasives, more difficult to maintain with a hard-to-clean surface, innovative InOut technology involves the application of a fine coating of uniformly sized microscopic granules. Once fired, these microscopic granules create the velvety smooth, warm-to-the-touch finish of an InOut floor tile.

The beauty of InOut technology. No matter what style and colour of slip-resistant InOut floor tile you choose at Italtile, you’ll be installing a beautifully functional, visually appealing and versatile tile with impeccable eco-chic credentials and a host of benefits:


No sealing required.

Easy to clean and maintain.

A durable, high traffic tile which maintains its looks and characteristics over time.



UV resistant.

Stain resistant.

High chemical and atmospheric resistance.

One tile to rule them all! With such indoor/outdoor versatility, InOut offers the rare opportunity of being able to choose one tile for both interior and exterior use. This creates a graceful sweep of roomscapes and a seamless, borderless flow from the inside spaces to the outside spaces when using InOut tiles of the same style and colour. It is an aesthetically pleasing seamless effect that allows the eye to follow the flow of the house or commercial space.

Commercial convenience. From a commercial point of view, InOut floor tiles enable the design of consistent, flowing retail or hospitality spaces. The InOut solution offers an easy, convenient inventory for developers and builders, removing the hassle of organising and sourcing different products with differing slip resistance factors for different spaces.

Italtile’s InOut ranges. Currently, Italtile stocks three exquisite large format InOut ranges with wide appeal, designed to elevate any interior or exterior look:

Rockstone InOut in Pearl, offers an authentic alpine stone feel with a slightly ’sugary’, crystalline sparkle. Rectified. 1000 x 1000.

Glamstone InOut in Grey and Beige reimagines the fascinating light speckle of a Terrazzo-look screed. Rectified. 1200 x 1200.

Crassana InOut in grey and pearl, offers modern aesthetics of a concrete cement look. Rectified. 1000 x 10000.

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