New Emboss Tile Range

February 24, 2022

Italtile’s Exclusive New Collection Of Deluxe Embossed Décor Tiles By Global Stone Are All Set To Create A Lasting Impression

Italtile’s longstanding relationship with Proudly South African sustainability pioneers Global Stone has resulted in the unpacking of yet another exciting and exclusive eco-chic tile collection: The Embossed Range. These are deluxe, artisan-style embossed décor tiles, meticulously designed and produced in small batches, which fits perfectly with the rise to prominence of the highly-curated Limited Edition Lifestyle.

The deluxe Emboss Range features a range of trending colours – Emboss Pearl White, with a soft, winter white finish; Emboss Duck Egg, a gentle aqua blue; Emboss Fern, with its biophilic green; and the ultra-glamorous Emboss Metallic Gold, which glitters like gold leaf. Each colourway offers six different patterns: from deeply grooved wave patterns, to weaves, honeycombs, checks, asymmetrical stipples and 3D spheres. Every box of 30 décor tiles contains the colour of choice in five sets of six patterns.

Once pressed with a pattern, each 140x140mm porcelain tile is screened with base colour, then screened with a gold pigment, and then, with the final colour. Once the glaze process is completed, the tile is baked in the tile kiln. The result is a thickly glazed tile of extraordinary lustre, that is almost artisanal in both process and finish – a time-consuming and meticulous journey. As a result, the range is not created in large volumes.

These embossed beauties are designed to add interest to both indoor and outdoor feature walls (and aren’t afraid of wet areas). Décor tiles are to interiors what herbs and spices are to a dish. Incorporating exciting elements of zing and flavour, a set of deluxe, textured, multidimensional décor tiles can be considered one of the key ingredients of the perfectly layered space. The nuanced textures and unusual tones of The Embossed Range add visual interest and captivate both sight and touch. The repeating patterns and complementary designs offer depth, warmth and fascinating personality. They are as much at home in kitchens and bathrooms on feature walls, as they are outdoors, even bringing their unique accent to fountains and other garden features.  

The Emboss Range:

GSMO0120    Emboss Metallic Gold 140mmx140mm

GSMO0121    Emboss Pearl White 140mmx140mm

GSMO0122    Emboss Duck Egg 140mmx140mm

GSMO0123    Emboss Fern 140mmx140mm

The Emboss Range by Global Stone – both gorgeous to look at and wonderfully “touchy-feely” – is all set to add flavour and depth, and create a lasting impression. Only at Italtile.


-           Indoor / outdoor wall application {Can be used in wet areas}

-           Excellent for feature walls

-           6 different patterns per colour

-           4 colours total (Gold, Pearl White, Fern, Duck Egg)

-           5 sets of 6 patterns per box (30 tiles per box)

-           Tile size 140x140mm

-           Material:Ceramic White Body