Italtile’s exciting new Vogue Ceramic Subway Tiles

February 2, 2023

Set to become the new icons of Subway style.

Vogue by name and vogueish by nature, Italtile’s exciting new range of Spanish Subway Tiles is all set to take this forever-on-trend look up several notches.

Subways are without doubt the most tenacious of all the style ‘comeback kids’;

no longer a trend but now an established aesthetic that refreshes itself regularly to stay relevant to the time. And boy, are Italtile’s zingy new Vogue subway tiles relevant to the 2023 design ethos of 2023! Biophilic – with several hues inspired by nature. With a handcrafted, artisanal feel to the rich, generous glazing and delightfully uneven spread of ticked colour across the tile surfaces. There’s a sense of nostalgia and a harking back to slower times. Finally, in line with the rising ‘clean, green living’ movement, Vogue is ethical at heart, being sustainably manufactured in Spain.

Sensational colours:

Without a doubt, Vogue’s colourways will be the range’s most talked about feature – a far cry from the original ‘white ware’ of their 1904 predecessors. The 2023 Subway Aesthetic centres on some truly exciting colours, and in this regard, the Vogue range really understood the assignment!

Intense glazes applied in an artisanal, slightly uneven fashion, really make each colourway pop. The generous thickness of glaze makes each brick seem ‘melted’ onto the installation space, with a lustrous, slightly varianced, translucent finish.

Vogue Range:

VOGUE DENIM   75X300 :Denim isn’t a colour, it’s a feeling. Vogue Denim is a dramatic riff on one of the world’s most statement-making fabrics.

VOGUE NEUTRO   75X300: An earthy off-white with a charming speckle. Think creamy cappuccino foam. Closest relative of the original ‘white ware’ subway tile.

VOGUE GREIGE   75X300: Trendcasters tell us that straight greys are ‘quiet quitting’, in favour of the more interesting, softer, sassier greys imbued with other colours. Vogue Greige embodies the best of sandy beiges and greys.

VOGUE ESMERALDA   75X300: Green is undoubtedly the colour of the moment, with the dramatic rise of the biophilic design movement. Vogue Esmeralda, with its nature-inspired deep green hue, speaks of tropical forests.

The Vogue range is a 750 x 300 glazed ceramic tile, suitable for walls only. The edges are rectified. No sealing is required, which makes it a very low maintenance tile.

The Vogue Ceramic Subway Tile Collection is sustainably made in Spain, and is exclusive to Italtile. It will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen label.