Italtile Dials Up Bathroom Bliss With Deluxe New Bath Organiser Range

November 23, 2022

The Sanctuary Trend and the Cocooning Aesthetic are two of the most beautiful movements that grew during the pandemic, with a central self-care theme – the creation of private spaces filled with all the luxuries and little spoils that feed the need for comfortable solitude. Of course, in the bathroom, that includes beautifully functional storage concepts.

The best bathroom organisation ideas are the ones that give you instant, easy access to all the bath-time essentials and luxuries you need to up your bathroom bliss. Like Italtile’s deluxe new Bath Organiser Range, which will to suit all styles and tastes.


Two pared down, minimalist options have been designed to blend beautifully with contemporary or urban moodboards, finished in a choice of stainless steel or matt black. Then, for lovers of a more maximalist, eco-chic lifestyle, there’s the bamboo bath organiser – the ultimate, all-in-one, 100% green organiser with easy-glide extendable arms, that can accommodate an iPad, Notebook or Kindle as well as a mug of tea or glass of wine.

A bath organiser is around a lot of hot water and steam when in use, so it’s important to ensure both the type and quality of materials used will not rust, warp, get mouldy or smell over time. These high-quality stainless steel and bamboo bath organisers tick all the durability boxes, while the bamboo model is also anti-bacterial, thanks to a natural ingredient called ‘bamboo kun’. All models will give years of pleasure if cleaned carefully with mild soapy water, rinsed well, towelled off and then left to air dry.


The Bath Organiser Range is exclusive to Italtile.